This version of Strategies is the eleventh chapter of Teen Titans Quest in the Xel'lotath timeline. 

Scene One: The Chamber of Four

  • Aero: (Aero, a jester-like being with a costume reminiscent of a vulture, appeared within the chamber.) Ah, yes, it so nice to be alone. (Geo and Hydro appear behind him.) Well, never mind that. My brothers, how goes the hunt? Did you slice things up yet? I just love hurting things, you know.
  • Geo: No. Seperation proved to be a bad idea. We will get nothing done for Lady Xel'lotath at this rate.
  • Hydro: Why did we bother doing that again?
  • Aero: You never were that intelligent, were you, Geo? I would've thought of a better plan ages ago.
  • Geo: Hold your tongue, brother, or I may just--
  • Pyro: May just what?? (Geo turns toward Pryo, a furnace-like being that resembled a caped knight.) How hast thou forgotten? We art thine brothers. Besides, we all hath agreed to that plan, Aero, thyself included. Now, let us contact our master.
  • Xel'lotath: (The four generals chant something in an unknown language and a mystical screen appeared, revealing the eye of Xel'lotath.) Speak.
  • Geo: The Zombies we sent were destroyed relatively fast, my liege.
  • Pyro: They hath power beyond expectations, Lady Xel'lotath.
  • Xel'lotath: We are already aware of this. Unfortunately, this loss was most shocking to us. Have any of you come up with anyone who can help?
  • Geo: No, my master.
  • Hydro: Neither have I. We were only looking for so long, you know.
  • Aero: I barely heard a thing, although I did here of a name. It was like a whisper.
  • Pyro: Who is it? Tell us, Aero.
  • Aero: A man called "Slade". He is, from what I am told, quite knowledgable concerning our new opponents.
  • Xel'lotath: Bring him to us. We must have a proper strategy, lest our goals become fruitless forevermore. Pyro, you have permission to fetch this being for me, so make haste.
  • Pyro: Indeed, I shall. Anything for thee, Lady Xel'lotath. (Hydro sighs, seemingly depressed.)

Continued in Chapter 12a: Contact

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