Adventure is the tenth chapter of Teen Titans Quest.

Scene One: Titans Tower Basement:

  • Cyborg: (Cyborg is hunched over, finishing the adjustments to his latest invention.) And that should do it. If any of those zombies show up here, then these small security drones will make short work of them. (A small, scorpion-like creature approached Cyborg, bumping into his left leg. Cyborg curiously looks down.) Scorpion?! I am NOT having this in the tower! No way! (Cyborg tries stepping on it, but the "scorpion" releases a wave of magical energy, teleporting Cyborg somewhere.)

Scene Two: Titans Tower Foyer

  • Raven: (Raven and Starfire return to Titans Tower.) Well, that was surprinsingly strenuous.
  • Starfire: At least everyone is going to get well, right?
  • Raven: I'm not sure about that.
  • Starfire: What do you mean?
  • Raven: This isn't some thing people get over, Starfire. Those people lost their minds through different means.
  • Starfire: Maybe we should ask Robin and Beast Boy if they learned anything new.
  • Raven: I was about to do that. (Raven is about to contact Robin but is teleported somewhere by a strange wave of energy.)
  • Starfire: Raven! (Starfire looks around to see what created the energy wave. She saw two small scorpion-like creatures below her, one lying on the ground and the other moving closer to her.) I need to warn Rob- (Starfire gets cut off by another energy wave, which teleports Starfire somewhere.)

Scene Three: Titans Tower Clinic

  • Robin: I found this as we were leaving the room.
  • Beast Boy: What is it?
  • Robin: A scroll, but the writing in it is in Latin. I'll need a translator to help me with this.
  • Beast Boy: Don't look at me, dude, I don't know that stuff.
  • Robin: But I'm sure Raven does. (Robin tries to communicate with Raven via his communicator, but fails. A small, scorpion-like creature crawled toward Robin.) What is that?
  • Beast Boy: Beats me, but It looks freaky. Like, really freaky. (Robin sees that the creature is charging something up. Robin tries throwing a boomerang at it, but the creature teleports Robin away, killing the creature in the process.) Robin! Wait. What if... (Beast Boy quickly checks the entire tower and finds no one there,) No! My friends! Wait, calm down, Beast Boy, you can do this. You've been on your own before. You'll find a way to get your friends back. (Beast Boy makes a realization.) That book! That book has to have the answers! (Beast Boy heads upstairs.) This just might be one of my best adventures yet!

Continued in Chapter 11a, 11b, and 11c: Strategies

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