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Earth-Project is an alternate universe closely resembling that of Teen Titans. The Universe has all the events of the Teen Titans show and is set five years later. Check out the residents, teams, heroes, and villains! Read more >

Spidey noir

The Crow, or Hiram is a supernatural assassin native to the Civil War-ridden isles of the Gristol Island, and serves currently for The Order. Read more >

  • Teen Titans Forever!

    I've decided to continue the fanfic I gave up on making but their will be some major changes to what I intially planned. I decided to scrap a lot of ideas I had but not all. Now the season will be written as 26 episodes. The…

    Read more >
  • WildeChild

    New account, old member

    February 21, 2016 by WildeChild

    Hello old friends!

    Okay, so you probably don't remember me because I used to be User:Spectria on here. But...and this is kind of embarrasing, I lost the password to that account. So now I am known as WildeChild :P

    Anyway, I ho…

    Read more >
  • Teen Titans Forever!

    My Season 6!

    February 19, 2016 by Teen Titans Forever!

    I been thinking about making a TT: S6 fanfic for a while now but couldn't create a good story until I decided to make it a personal story about the Slade family and Starfire trying to connect to her sister Blackfire. It will…

    Read more >

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