Teen Titans Beyond

  • Nightstar - the daughter of Nightwing and Starfire. She is the leader of the TTB members. She only knows her mother is Starfire. 
  • Cytech - the son of Cyborg and Bumblebee. He only knew his mother, but when he meets Cyborg, father and son begin to realize the truth... 
  • Changer Azarath Metrion Zinthos (also known as Changer) – the son of Beast Boy and Raven. Cytech was raised by Raven on Azarath, and has met his father twice. He is the only one who truely knows who both his parents are at the beginning of the series.
  • Bladestriker – a new Teen Titan Beyond member who is great with weapons, technology, and martial arts. He bears some similarity to an old foe... 
  • Solstice – a new Teen Titan Beyond member who controls Light and can fly. She has deep feelings for Bladestriker, but doesn't know the darkness in his past...
  • Cyborg - the father of Cytech, and leader of Teen Titans Beyond. He stays at Titans Tower watching them and giving advice. 

The Titans (disbanned)

  • Nightwing - the former leader of the Titans. He disbanned the Titans after the death of Red X. He is the father of Nightstar. 
  • Starfire - a member of the Titans. She gave birth to Nightstar, and is in constant contact with her. She left the Titans after the death of Red X. 
  • Raven - a member of the Titans. She and Beast Boy developed a romance and give birth to a boy named Changer. She and Beast Boy are currently on good terms. 
  • Beast Boy - a member of the Titans. He and Raven developed a romance and had a child named Changer. He and Raven are currently on good terms. 

The Titans East

  • Aquaman (formerly Aqualad) - former leader of Titans East. It is implyed that Titans East is not disbanned, and that there is another leader. 

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