Teen Titans Beyond is a new series taking place 40 years after the end of Season 5 of Teen Titans. Some episodes are planned to flash back to the orginal Titan years after season five but before the events of Red X's death.
Teen titans beyond logo by thehero guy-d5fy26l


The pilot episode, titled " Beyond " begins with the defeat of a mad Red X, who is revealed to be Jason Todd 20 years later. The Titans (no longer Teens) confront Jason Todd only for him to accidently fall to his death. In the Titans Tower, Nightwing and the original members decide to never again work as a Team, and the Titans go their seperate ways. 

20 years afterwards, Jump City is a sprawling Metropolis with futureistic vehicles, technology, etc. A curious new hero called Nightstar arrives in Jump City, only to find the ruined Titans Tower. She discovers Cyborg, who is now an old man with very little energy keeping him alive, confinded to the Tower. Nightstar learns about the old Titans, and Cyborg tells her to leave him alone, and the Titans in peace. But when a new gang threats to destroy 1/2 of the city, Nightstar finds other Teen heroes like her and assembles the Teen Titans Beyond. 

Once defeating them, Cyborg agrees to let them work, agreeing to help them and assist when he can. But dark memories and old scars threathen to come back. Scars going back to the original Teen Titans era...


Season Two

Season Two is about the arrival of two new Titans, Superboy and Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandmark) as well as their and Cytech's mysterious origins. The main villians are H.I.V.E of the Future and another mysterious enemy...

  1. The Son of Steel
  2. The Daughter of Wonder
  3. Sucked into Worlds
  4.  TBA
  5. Sleepy Hollow (Flashback episode)
  6.  Bees are Bees
  7. Shadows and Assissans
  8. Gizmos
  9. Return of the Brain
  10. Past Shadows (Flashback Episode)
  11. TBA
  12. Terror of the Titans (Part One)
  13. Rise of the Titans (Part Two)

Future Seasons

There are plans to do 2 more seasons. One Season is planned for Solstice and one season is planned for Changer. There are also plans for more Flashback episodess and a movie focusing on Bladestriker and the mysterious final battle of one Teen Titan enemy...

Theme Song

Teen Titans Beyond Theme Song01:09

Teen Titans Beyond Theme Song

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