Teen Titans Before is a series in which it shows life of the titans before they joined and when they were young. Everybody had to face supervillains who were a big threat back then, and some are still now.

Season 1

Episode 1 - Batson

Robin is learning some fighting moves from Batman to prepare for dangers, but then the Joker swoops in and kidnaps Batman. Robin has to use all his skills to get Batman back.

Episode 2 - Robotification

Cyborg was just a normal kid back then, he used to imagine he was a robot flying in the skies. One day, Brother Blood (called Pale Mech back then) injured Cyborg and his mother, who died. Cyborg's father replaced Cyborg's broken limbs and body parts with mechanic parts to destroy Pale Mech, but Cyborg isn't used to his robot part's controls.

Episode 3 - Animals

Beast Boy was an alien from outer space travelling to Earth, his parents gave him the power to transform into any animal to blend in with them, however every animal he turned into was green. Beast Boy forgot who his parent's were when he got to Earth, and he soon saw Killer Moth sitting on a throne of Moths invading a skyscraper. Beast Boy decides to try and destroy Killer Moth to save the city.

Episode 4 - Intergalactic Dad Part 1

After Raven finds out who her father is, she decides to destory him to stop him from destorying the Earth. Raven uses her powers to defeat Trigon and he vanquishes into the demon universe's darkness.

Episode 5 - Intergalactic Dad Part 2

Trigon comes back out of the demon universe's darkness and plots revenge on Raven for concealing him in the darkness. Trigon starts acting good in front of Raven, but behind her he is trying to kill her. After Raven finds out Trigon is trying to kill her, she decides to travel to Earth and her father comes with her to fight her in a large football stadium which soon becomes a platform of doom with lava below it.

Episode 6 - Good and Bad

Starfire was the star of her planet, Tamaran. After Blackfire realizes that, she plans to kill Starfire to achieve the throne and destroy Earth, but Starfire fights her for the safety of Earth. Blackfire thinks she is fighting for the throne, but in the end of the battle Starfire mentions that she was protecting Earth all this time.

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