This fan script is part of an ongoing project that was started in 2008. In was written in hope of finding a team to animate it and voice it as a full-length


feature in an effort to "resurrect" the Teen Titans series. It is currently in part one of a two part miniseries.

The script itself was first published on (forum), and gained a very small following (obviously not enough to get the film produced).

The plot itself mainly revolves around the characters of Beast Boy (Garfield Logan) and Terra (Tara Markov). It ignores the concepts set forth in final episode "Things Change".

This work contains disturbing images, blood and gore.


“Paint it Black”


Total darkness. What few sounds may be heard echo eerily. We notice one of these sounds changing into something familiar. Footsteps?

An ambiguous figure enters, just recognizable as a silhouette.

FIGURE: Hello?

The voice instantly gives the figure away to be Beast Boy, but we still can’t see him fully.

BEAST BOY: Is anyone there?

No answer. Suddenly, he turns, spots two pinpoints of light in the distance. He runs toward them.

As he approaches, they come into focus.

Eyes. Glowing yellow.

A face.

Blonde hair.

BEAST BOY: Who...?


Lights suddenly flood the expanse, revealing it to be lacking walls of any kind. A white void.

Before Beast Boy stands the figure in full view.


Beast Boy’s face brightens.


He bounds toward her, smiling feverishly.

He stops, only about three meters away now. The girl is in her Titans uniform. She doesn’t move.


BEAST BOY: Terra...?

No response.

BEAST BOY: Come on... Say something. Anything.

Still no movement, but you could swear a tear rolls down her cheek. Now she finally looks at Beast Boy, her face still as expressionless as a statue.

TERRA: Beast Boy... I’m sorry I hurt you. I’m so sorry...
BEAST BOY: It’s okay, Terra. I... understand.
TERRA: No. You could never take me back. I’m a monster.
BEAST BOY: That’s not true! You sacrificed yourself to stop Slade. You’re a Titan! You’re my friend.

A distant rumble. Terra’s face tenses a bit, working its way into a scowl.

The ground shakes.

Terra’s eyes burn brighter.

The shaking makes a speedy transition to a ground-shattering earthquake.

TERRA: (way too fierce) NO!!!!

The ground tears apart into nightmarish cliffs, jutting out into every imaginable direction. A nightmare version of the Fortress of Solitude.

One of the fresh formations blasts up, catching Beast Boy dead in the chest, flipping him end-over-end, and he lands back on his feet. He struggles to find secure footing on the shifting earth, but as he does, he’s suddenly grabbed by the throat, hoisted off his feet. He finds himself staring face-to-face with Terra, the right side of her face bathed in shadow.


BEAST BOY: (choking) Terra... Don’t...

Though she’s choking the life out of him, her face looks shockingly desperate.

TERRA: (pleading) Help... Me...

A mighty cracking sound is heard from above, and they both look up in time to see a giant pillar falling down toward them, tumbling. As it impacts we


Beast Boy bolts upright in his bed with a strangled gasp. A cold sweat mats his green hair. He looks around his room; we now see it a little more clearly. Various posters for movies and rock groups litter the walls. Currently the only illumination is a computer screen in the corner – it displays the title screen for “Aliens: Colonial Marines”.

Beast Boy untangles the sheets from his legs, slides off his bed.


Beast Boy’s door opens, and the green Titan exits his room. He is dressed in a loose T-shirt and sweatpants. He heads down the hall.


Beast Boy enters, walks over to the counter. He practically ignores Cyborg, who leans against the counter with a fresh cup of coffee. Cy looks concernedly upon the green teen. Beast Boy pulls a mug from one cupboard (it’s one of the only clean dishes here).


Of the coffee machine as Beast Boy fills his cup. The digital readout on the machine reveals the time to be 4:11 A.M.


Of Beast Boy’s face as he raises the cup to his lips. We see dark circles under his eyes; he’s obviously not sleeping well.


Of the kitchen. Cyborg sets him mug aside.

CYBORG: That dream again?

Beast Boy finally looks at him.


He looks into his coffee.

BEAST BOY: They’re getting worse.


The sun rises behind the Tower, casting an orange glow on the whole of Jump City.

ROBIN: (V.O.) Tell me it’s good news this time.


All five Titans are gathered in operations. Except, what was once their living room has been converted into a makeshift WAR ROOM. Some of the couches remain, but a detailed, holographic atlas has replaced the coffee table. The Titans are in full uniform, all except Robin, who wears black jeans and a black Ramones T-shirt (his mask remains, of course, on).

AQUALAD: (V.O.) Afraid not, Robin.

His voice comes from the window/screen on the opposite end of the room. When we see the image, we find Aqualad standing in a tropical setting, though the sky is dark and scorch marks litter the ground and trees. Some military-green tents have been erected with large, red crosses on them; obviously medical tents. Aqualad himself is dressed in blued-steel battle armor (also scorched).

AQUALAD: We’ve quarantined the infected, but the virus is still spreading too fast. The rate it’s going, it could reach the Atlantic in a matter of days. (Change of tone) How’re things going with the Jump campaign?

Robin looks at Raven.

ROBIN: Raven, you’re overseeing the midtown quarantine. What’s our status?
RAVEN: We haven’t found a vaccine or an antidote, but the quarantine’s been fairly effective. We’ll only get a full-city outbreak if we screw something up.
AQUALAD: Well, it looks like you’re the only ones. This thing’s spreading like wildfire, and if we can’t get our hands on a raw viral sample, we can’t make a cure. As it is, it just keeps mutating around any treatment we hit it with.

A soldier (most likely a MARINE) comes up behind him, hands him a sheet of paper. He looks at it.

AQUALAD: Something’s come up. I gotta go, but I’ll keep in touch.

The screen blanks out, becoming transparent once more.

BEAST BOY: Well... Can’t say this sounds good.
ROBIN: It’s like we thought. No matter how much we try, it’s spreading too fast to contain.
STARFIRE: I have not witnessed a disease of this magnitude since the Great Flizzbit Plague of Oarg.

Her normally ridiculous-sounding Tamaranean terminology fails to sway their wary attitude. Even Starfire wears an uncharacteristically glum look.

CYBORG: So... What’s the plan?

He uncrosses his arms, turns to the couch. He picks up his utility belt, which has been slung across the back of the piece of furniture.

ROBIN: We get prepped and head into town. We may find some new leads at ground zero.

He turns from them, heads toward the door.

ROBIN: If I don’t miss my guess, we’ll be seeing an old friend soon.


Fade in to the sound of dripping water. Light slowly comes up, becoming a dull, blue glow. Pan across various bits of ambiguous machinery until we find the source of the light: several huge, mounted COMPUTER SCREENS.

A map of Jump City, several portions marked in red.

Another map, this one of the whole of the planet. Several of these red marks pockmark each continent.

A microscopic view of flowing red blood cells, almost like we saw in “Apprentice” Part I. Black, globular viral agents bond with the cells, turning them black also.

In front of the screens stands a DARK FIGURE.

Behind this figure steps another shape – it is badly hunched over, covered in rags. His voice is a mechanical rasp entwined with harsh feedback.


TATTERDEMALION: Phase one is complete, sir.
VOICE: Very good.

The voice is calm, monotonous, icy.

We are now looking at the face of the figure, with Tatterdemalion seen over his shoulder.

Right half shadowed, only one eye visible.


SLADE: We have but to wait.


Suddenly, a green, digital LINE pierces the darkness. Builds into a slope, sinks back down. The same thing repeats.

We now pull back, revealing the screen of an EKG. Next to the machine is the patient hooked up to it: a teenaged boy no more than fifteen, his skin pale, his eyes wide, unblinking. We may guess that he’s dead, but he’s BREATHING. His pulse is irregular, his eyes black – whiteless. We now see several beds lining the walls – it seems like an endless hallway of sickness.

Standing next to the first bed we saw are the Titans; now dressed in full-body HAZMAT suits. With them is a doctor—his name is DR. ALEXANDER REMINGTON.

ROBIN: (FILTER) You said the immunity rate was...
REMINGTION: (FILTER) One naturally immune individual to every three-hundred infected.
ROBIN: (FILTER) And the fatality rate is 100%, right?
REMINGTON: (FILTER) Well... not exactly.

Robin’s eyes narrow behind the plastic shield of his helmet.

ROBIN: (FILTER) What do you mean?
REMMINGTON: (FILTER) There’s something I think you should see.


A wide, steel-lined hallway ending in a huge vault door guarded by two heavy Marines.

The Titans and Dr. Remington (now sans their helmets) enter, head toward the vault door.

REMINGTON: I find it fair to warn you that what you’re about to see may disturb you.
RAVEN: I think we can handle it.

Remington steps up to the vault door, types out a password on a keypad at the side, presses his palm to it.

A mighty noise is heard within as gigantic locks release, and the huge door slides open.

COMPUTER: Welcome, Dr. Remington.



The lights come sparking up, fluorescent, eyeball-drying. Illuminates the room we are now in; completely white, sterile. Within it is simply a bed at the center. At the far end, we see the Titans and Dr. Remington through a Plexiglas window.

BEAST BOY: (FILTER) I don’t see anything.


Beneath the bed, we can just make out a silhouette, crouching.

REMINGTON: It’s afraid of the light. Watch.

He presses a switch, dimming the lights. Inside the cell, the silhouette creeps out from under the bed on all fours, cautiously. It was definitely human once, but no more; its skin is pale, its eyes black, whiteless (like the other infected individual we saw earlier). It cocks its head, listening. It now catches sight of the group behind the Plexi, opens its drooling mouth, lets out a boneshattering SCREECH. It bounds (still on all fours) toward the Plexiglas, SMASHES INTO IT.

Everyone on the opposite side jumps back... except for Robin and Remington.

Blood smears all over the window as it writhes against the window – it’s broken its nose.

The rest of the group slowly moves back toward the window, now looking more in pity than in fear.

STARFIRE: Please... how did this man get this way?
ROBIN: This is what happens to the ones who don’t die. Living death. He did it this way on purpose.

He doesn’t need to be told.

CYBORG: How can you be sure Slade’s behind this?

Robin looks at the writhing creature.

ROBIN: It’s his style.
REMINGTON: This one was found in an office building when a platoon of Marines was searching for survivors. A group of these got the jump on them and killed two of them. The firefight killed all of them but this one.
RAVEN: And there’s more of them.
REMINGTON: In hiding, yes. But the soldiers all have orders to shoot any that they find on sight. Keeping them alive would just help spread the plague faster.

Robin nods.

ROBIN: Thank you for you time, Dr. Remington.

They turn, begin to walk away. Cyborg comes up to Robin.

CYBORG: You’re just gonna let that order stand? These things are human beings!

Robin looks at him.

ROBIN: Not any more.


Darkness. A few lights illuminate the camp, which is the only way we can identify it until a SUPER reads





A few soldiers tend to a few tasks, some setting up equipment, some guarding the tents. A few Hazmat suited doctors move in and out of the tents.

As we move in toward the camp, a BLACK SHADOW moves swiftly and silently past us.


The flap of the tent's door opens, a MEDTECH entering. As soon as he has entered fully, he takes note of the room; his eyes widen, and he drops the clipboard he was carrying.


looks like a BATTLEFIELD.

Bodies of Hazmatted Medtechs lay scattered about, gashes in their necks and chests leaking spreading crimson pools on the dirt floor.

But more importantly, ALL OF THE INFECTED ARE GONE.


The Medtech runs out of the tent, stumbling, tripping. A group of soldiers runs up, helping the Medtech to his feet.

MARINE#1: Smith!
MARINE#2: Smith, you okay?
MARINE#1: What happened?
MEDTECH (SMITH): (in hysterics) They... dead... the blood... gone...
MARINE#1: Smith, calm down. What happened?
SMITH: (staring distantly) The patients... the infected... they're gone...

They stare at him, but their thoughts are interrupted by the sound of a twig SNAPPING in the woods.

They all turn toward the source, cocking their M41-E battle carbines.

As soon as they do, one of the Marines is grabbed from behind, and is dragged away with a muffled yell.

The Marines now turn back but the creature, and the Marine, are now gone.

Suddenly, the night is pierced by an inhuman SHRIEK. The body of the missing Marine falls to the ground with a dull THUD. His eyes are wide, unblinking. Bite marks mar his neck, leaking black fluid.

The entire camp suddenly erupts with the chaotic sounds of battle; gunfire, screams, inhuman shrieking.

The creatures swarm the camp from every direction. It seems a good portion of the camp has been turned.


Aqualad stands at his desk, looking over a file. He hears the battle outside, runs to the entrance of the tent. Before he can open the flap, a Marine enters, panicked.

MARINE: Sir... were under attack!

He doesn't get another word out, because he is pulled back out of the tent, screaming.

Aqualad rushes out of the tent, only to be greeted by the drooling face of one of the infected.

The creature lunges at him, but before it reaches him, he causes a nearby water tank to rupture, the pressurized liquid hitting the monster dead in the chest. It is sent reeling into two other creatures.

Aqualad surveys the scene. The Marines are few, and their numbers are rapidly dwindling. He grabs a nearby Marine, pulls his face to his own.

AQUALAD: Form a squad and get any civilians you can find to the chopper!
MARINE: But sir...

The Marine sets about this task. An infected leaps up to Aqualad, who draws a double-bladed naginata from his back.


Perched on a large boulder overlooking the camp is TATTERDEMALION.

The gunshots are reflected in his mechanical right eye as he watches the bloody battle unfold.

AQUALAD: (V.O.) Ten survivors.


The Titans are gathered in the ops room. The viewing screen is partitioned into different windows. The most prominent one currently features Aqualad, his worn face only illuminated by the dim red interior light of a chopper.

AQUALAD: That's all we managed to save is ten. Base Beta is totally overrun.

Another window grows, replaces Aqualad's. Speedy's face on a dark sky of a backdrop (the inscription on his armor reads “Arsenal”, while a small, indelible-marker inscription also notes “Ooh-rah.”).

SPEEDY: Steel City is gone.

Now Kid Flash.

KID FLASH: Metropolis, too.


BUMBLEBEE: And Gotham.

Aqualad again.

AQUALAD: It seems the only zone on the continent that hasn't been overrun is Jump. We have to keep it that way. We have to quarantine the entire city.
CYBORG: How are we gonna do that?

Robin is staring intently at the holo-atlas, which is now marred by countless red marks.

ROBIN: I don't know.
AQUALAD: The virus dies off up in the mountains. We have enough data to prove that it can't survive too far above sea level.
ROBIN: How does that help us?

Aqualad shrugs wearily.

AQUALAD: I don't know. Keep high ground. Do what you can. In the meantime, we'll come to you. Maybe we can help.

The screen goes blank.

A brief silence.

RAVEN: What do we do?


Air raid sirens are blaring. At the city limits, people are pouring in everywhere. The military has set up tents at the entrances, checking the people coming in using dogs. Every once in a while a dog will growl and bark at a refugee, and they will be detained and taken into a tent.


Beast Boy snaps awake from another nightmare, hitting his head on the top bunk. He rolls out of the bed onto the floor, on his hands and knees.


From Beast Boy's dream.

TERRA: Help me.


He pounds the floor, frustrated.

BEAST BOY: I'm sorry Terra... I'm so sorry I let you down. I...couldn' you...

He breaks down on the floor, sobbing hopelessly.


Beast Boy sits on a rock at the edge of the water—the same rock he and Terra shared their first night together.


As he stares at the horizon. His eyes are stained by tears.

RAVEN: (O.S.) It's not safe out here, you know.

His eyes shift to see her next to him. He does not turn.

RAVEN: There's an outbreak of a deadly virus and zombie-type creatures to worry about.
BEAST BOY: We're on an island, Rae.
RAVEN: So? You don't think zombies can swim?
RAVEN: It is a possibility, however. You always need to be prepared when it comes to zombies.

He looks at her.

RAVEN: I myself have about thirty-seven different zombie plans.

Beast Boy gives a small smile.

RAVEN: (half-smile) Hey, you're not allowed to smile. I don't laugh at your jokes.

A pause.

BEAST BOY: Thanks.
RAVEN: Don't mention it. (pause, thinks) Seriously, don't mention it.

She sits down, cross-legged.

RAVEN: So, what was on your mind?
BEAST BOY: Well... It's about... Terra.
RAVEN: Ah. Those nightmares you've been having.

Beast Boy looks slightly offended.

BEAST BOY: Don't you go all psychic on me, Raven.
RAVEN: Nothing psychic about it. Cyborg's real concerned about you.
BEAST BOY: ...Cy. I knew he wouldn't be able to keep his mouth shut.
RAVEN: It wasn't Cyborg directly. He told Robin, who told Starfire, who told me. Pretty effective hotline.

Another pause.

RAVEN: Beast Boy, we all miss you.
BEAST BOY: Miss me? I'm right here.
RAVEN: No, you. We miss who you were. Ever since the outbreak and you've been having these dreams, you're not you anymore. We want the old Beast Boy back.
BEAST BOY: Kinda hard to be the plucky comic relief when the whole world's going to hell in a hand basket.
RAVEN: We both know that's not the reason.

He looks back at the water.

BEAST BOY: I just feel... responsible.


BEAST BOY: Slade's right. You don't have any friends.


RAVEN: You can't keep blaming yourself. Terra's sacrifice was her own choice.
BEAST BOY: Yeah, well she sacrificed herself for nothing. Slade's back, better than ever. (Bites his lip) ...And Terra's not.


Very reminiscent of the one in "Sisters".


A figure stands at a workbench, dressed in a full hazmat suit. His eyes are disguised by a pair of glowing-red mech-goggles.


From the large door behind Chang, a SHADOWY FIGURE emerges.

TATTERDEMALION: Hello, Professor.

Chang turns to look at him.

CHANG: (politely) Ah, Mr. Tatterdemalion. A pleasant surprise. How are my modifications to your Deathstroke virus working for you?
TATTERDEMALION: My employer has another project for you.
CHANG: (smiles evilly) You know I am always up to a challenge.


Raven is poring through her leatherbound volumes. She is flipping the pages of one book in particular, when she suddenly stops, her eyes wide, staring intently at what is on the page.



As a large leatherbound book SLAMS down. Raven's hand is placed on top of it.


We see that all of the Titans have apparently been pulled out of bed. All of them are in their nightclothes—Robin in his Ramones t-shirt, BB in a green t-shirt, Starfire in a purple long-sleeved t-shirt and matching sweatpants.

RAVEN: Ever since Terra died, I've devoted a fair bit of time to finding a cure. I've tried everything -- The Book of Azar, The Scrolls of Namor, Necronomicon ex Mortis, everything -- except this; The Prophecies of the Cursed.
ROBIN: What does it say?
RAVEN: One of the prophecies in particular caught my eye; The Daughter of the Earth, as told by Rach'ta the Outcast. It tells of a great plague that sweeps the entire world, but dies before it can reach the clouds. The world's last hope is the Daughter of the Earth, who will raise the last great city to the sky. He also says that this girl must be awakened from a prison of stone.

Beast Boy looks about ready to hyperventilate.

STARFIRE: Then... How do we bring her out of the prison of stone?
RAVEN: That's just it. I only have half of the text.
CYBORG: Where's the other half?
RAVEN: The restricted section of the city library.
ROBIN: Alright.

He heads toward the wall that now serves as their armory. He takes his new military issue armor off a rack, as well as his bladed whip.

ROBIN: What're we waiting for?


Just like before, the ambiguous shape of Beast Boy enters. Then another. And another.

A thousand mirror images of Beast Boy.

He looks around, fear and frustration crossing his face.

BEAST BOY: No... Not again...

He catches sight of a shape, spins, smashing a mirror with his fist. Another image of him replaces it. He turns toward another image, this time in time to see who the figure is;


He swings again, the image of Slade shattering and falling at his feet.

In the corner of his eye, he sees a shadow behind him. He turns, but it's too late.

The shadow catches him by the throat, lifts him off his feet.

The figure steps into the light; Terra, dressed in her Apprentice uniform. Her eyes burn bright, but her expression and tone of voice are soft.

TERRA: Help... me...

Suddenly, another figure steps up behind Terra, seen over her shoulder. It's SLADE.

SLADE: You can save her, Beast Boy.

Beast Boy's eyes roll back into his head.

SLADE: Beast Boy...

Wait... Does he sound like Robin?

ROBIN: (O.S.) Beast Boy!


As Robin shakes Beast Boy awake.

ROBIN: Beast Boy, we got company!

He exits the car.

Beast Boy unbuckles himself, follows him.

They are parked behind a barricade of three humvees. Sounds of gunfire can be heard all around. Marines are positioned at points in the barricade, firing at an unseen enemy. Cyborg fires over one of the humvees, dodges some gunfire, rolls. Raven and Starfire let loose with starbolts and dark energy.

BEAST BOY: What's going on?
ROBIN: A big problem, courtesy of an old friend. Take a look.

Beast Boy moves to the barricade, looks over. What he sees is truly monstrous; a hulking mechanized tank, standing on two legs with Gatling guns mounted to either side (akin to the ED-209 in Robocop). It is also emblazoned with a stylized red "S".

BEAST BOY: Yeah, big problem.
ROBIN: Tell me about it.

Cyborg yells as he's knocked free from his perch. He lands on his back, cradling his chest; it's been pierced by a blood-red slug.

CYBORG: How the...?

Robin runs over, kneels.

ROBIN: Hold still.

He braces his foot against Cyborg's chest, pulls the bullet out. He studies it closely.

ROBIN: Depleted xenothium rounds.
CYBORG: Chang?
ROBIN: Chang.

A marine comes up behind Robin.

MARINE: Sergeant, motion trackers show multiple signatures already inside the library.
ROBIN: Alright, cover us, we're going in.

He uncoils his bladed whip.

ROBIN: Beast Boy and Raven, come with me. Cyborg and Star, stay here and give us cover fire.
CYBORG: (activates cannon) You got it.

Starfire and Cyborg lay down some heavy suppressing fire, while Robin leaps nimbly over the barricade, Beast Boy transforming into a pterodactyl and Raven envelops herself in her Soul Self. Luckily, the other Titans and the marines seem to provide enough of a distraction.

ROBIN: The entrance is totally covered. Make for the roof.

They do so. Raven moves over to Robin, grabs his shoulders, hoisting him upward.

They are almost to the top when the mech tank suddenly catches sight of them and opens fire.

ROBIN: Look out!

They dodge as best they can as thousands of armor piercing rounds tear past them, but one catches Beast Boy's wing. He reverts back to his human form as he screams in pain.


He brings his whip around, snaps it expertly, the tip coiling around Beast Boy's armored leg. Beast Boy screams again as his leg is jarred.

Clenching his teeth with exertion, Robin coils the handle of the whip around his hand as Raven carries them the rest of the way to the roof.

When they reach the top, they collapse, exhausted. Raven moves to Beast Boy, inspects his wound. It bleeds freely, but doesn't look too ugly.

RAVEN: The bullet went straight through; it should be no problem healing it.

She places her hands over his shoulder, her hands glowing with dark energy. In a matter of seconds, the wound is healed.

BEAST BOY: Thanks.
RAVEN: (rubs her shoulder) Just try not to get shot again.


Raven, Robin and Beast Boy drop down from the skylight. Raven looks around.

RAVEN: Follow me.

Raven takes point, unsheathing one of her katana. They move down a few corridors, until they reach a reinforced door; or, it used to be reinforced. It's been totally blown off the hinges, as if from a low-level explosive device.

BEAST BOY: Something tells me we're not the only ones after this book.

Robin looks at the motion tracker he holds before him.

ROBIN: I'm picking up a motion signature ahead.
RAVEN: Didn't Corporal Manning say there were multiple signatures?
ROBIN: Apparently not anymore.

They cautiously enter the destroyed portal, into the section of the library that is labeled as "RESTRICTED: STAFF ACCESS ONLY".

The interior of the restricted section is, by contrast to the rest of the library, surprisingly spartan; mostly metal-lined concrete walls, lit by fluorescent lights. Glass cases run along the sides of the long, corridor-like room. At the end of the room, hunched over one particular case, is a familiar form dressed in a tight black suit and a tattered gray cape. He stands with his back to them, standing in the middle of a pile of Slade's shocktroops, holding a leatherbound book. The figure turns to them, revealing the death's-head of his mask.

RED X: Well, well. The Teen-Freakin'-Titans.

Robin uncoils his whip.

ROBIN: Red X. What're you doing here?
RED X: Me? What're you doing here? I get a tip that Slade's hired Professor Chang to steal this book, figured it just might be worth my time.
RAVEN: You have no idea what that book means.
RED X: I got half a mind to find out, and the other half agrees.
ROBIN: We can't let you take that book, X.
RED X: If it's worth as much as you make it sound, I can't let you take it, either.

Robin pulls his whip tight in both hands like a garrote cord.

ROBIN: Looks like this is gonna go down the hard way.
RED X: Wouldn't have it any other way.

He slips the book into a strap at his back, pulls something off his belt, twists it. It glows red, then extends into a bloodred NAGINATA.

With a feral war-shriek, the two warriors lunge at each other. They meet at the center of the room, where Robin delivers a roundhouse kick that is intercepted by the brunt of X's naginata. Robin lands, brings his whip around towards X's head, but X moves his arm to block, the blade wrapping around his gauntlet. Robin, taking advantage of his open state, sends an uppercut into the thief's jaw, then quickly pulls his whip free, straight across X's mask. Robin kick-flips off of X's chest, lands in a feral crouch, his whip snapping behind him.

X clutches his face, takes his hand away; a quarter of his mask has been cut away, revealing some messy brown hair and a dark green eye.

RED X: Not bad, Chuckles. But you're still not gonna get the book.
RAVEN: (O.S.) Who says he was trying to get the book?

He turns to see Raven, her katana in one hand, the book in the other.

RED X: Oh.
ROBIN: Real handy having a friend who can levitate things.
RED X: So you win this time. But next time around, I won't be as gentle.

RAVEN: What is the point of this, anyway? What good would money be to you in a world this screwed up?

X seems to think about that for a second.

RED X: ...Good point.
ROBIN: Help us. You could be a major asset in saving the city.
RED X: Don't think so, but I'll keep you posted. Who knows, I may just be stupid enough to change my mind.

He taps his belt buckle and vanishes in a flash of red.


We are looking at it from above. We come down slowly toward the entrance, where the Titans watch as several marines unload a large steel cylinder from the APC parked outside.

ROBIN: Careful. We're gonna need you to move this into the infirmary.
MARINE: Infirmary? This thing's a statue.

Beast Boy watches from afar.

BEAST BOY: She wasn't always one.


Chang nervously loads his equipment onto an armored vehicle. He is finished and just about to leave when a voice sends a chill down his spine.

TATTERDEMALION: (O.S.) Going somewhere, Dr. Chang?

Chang turns, does his best to keep his cool.

CHANG: (his voice cracking) Mr. Tatterdemalion. It is nice to see you again.
TATTERDEMALION: Not so nice, considering the circumstances.
CHANG: (mock ignorant) This isn't about the book, is it?

A pause.

TATTERDEMALION: My employer has a message for you, Chang.

Chang doesn't like the sound of that. He makes for his vehicle, quickly grabs and energy rifle, but when he turns around, he finds Tatterdemalion's razor-sharp claws stabbed through his throat.

TATTERDEMALION: Your services are no longer required.

Chang makes a horrible sputtering sound as he chokes on his own blood. Tatterdemalion removes his claws, Chang's body dropping to the floor with a thud. Blood leaks from his mouth, throat and nose as Tatterdemalion casually exits the warehouse.




Her eyes are closed in concentration.

RAVEN: Azarath... Jachyra... Mortus Terra... Animus Terra... Animus Carnus... Azarath... Jachyra...

Raven continues to repeat this chant as we switch to a wider angle. Terra's stone body lies on one of the beds, still frozen in the exact same way as when she killed Slade.

Raven sits cross-legged on a chair, the book in her lap.


Beast Boy, Cyborg and Starfire watch on the monitor as Raven performs the spell.

BEAST BOY: (disappointed) I should be in there.
CYBORG: There's nothing you can do to help, B.
BEAST BOY: It's not that. It's just... (sigh) I wish I could be there. You know, when she comes back.
CYBORG: It's for the best.
STARFIRE: She requires more concentration than normal to perform this task.
BEAST BOY: Yeah, I know. But I owe her too much.


Robin watches patiently as a chopper lands on the helicopter pad on the roof of the Tower. Several marines get off, along with Aqualad, Speedy, Bumblebee, Kid Flash, Jinx, and Argent (all in new military uniforms).

ROBIN: Are any of our outposts still standing?
KID FLASH: Not in North America, but we're still holding out overseas. Bases in Africa, Asia, and Europe are doing alright, but not great.
ARGENT: Although, we lost all of Great Britain.
ROBIN: Sorry to hear that.
JINX: We have gained some intelligence in the area of tactical research. We now know much more about the Deathstroke virus.


Several Deathstroke Wraiths remain; feeding on the tattered remains of everything human that was left behind.

JINX: (V.O.) The virus is masterfully designed, and unprecedented in its adaptability. Once inside a body, it reprograms the host's genetic structure. Most are not strong enough to survive this restructuring, resulting in a fatal infection. However, a vast majority are able to adapt to the changes in their biology, and become what we now know as a Deathstroke Wraith.

The biomechanical form Tatterdemalion walks casually onto the scene, scanning the area callously.


They are gathered around the holo atlas, which has collapsed into a chessboard-like map.

ROBIN: That's very insightful, but how do we fight them?
JYNX: I'm getting to that. Field records from our troops show a consistency in their termination; each time we've taken one down, it's either two shots to the chest or one to the head. Autopsies have confirmed the cause of this; the Wraith can survive without any part of its body, excluding the heart and the brain. The heart is harder to hit because the creature's sternum develops into a hard, almost armor-like carapace. The skull is thick, but not nearly as much as the chest, which makes it a more vulnerable target.
ROBIN: Thank you, Jinx. Now we'll need to forward this information to our forces --
KID FLASH: Already done. Orders were issued from the chopper.
ROBIN: Good.



RAVEN: Animus Terra... Animus Carnus...


Not from Raven.

She opens here eyes, and they widen in shock.

We now see


Very pale, but flesh, and breathing. Her eyes are closed, and her breaths are shallow and ragged.


The eyes of everyone here are as wide as Raven's; Beast Boy's even more so.


The EKG next to Terra's bed begins to beep faster, then faster, then FRANTICALLY.

Terra's eyes SNAP open, bone-white, and she begins to CONVULSE wildly against the bed.


Beast Boy practically TEARS the monitor out of the wall.


He makes a mad dash out of the room, followed very closely by Cyborg and Starfire.



Raven is struggling to keep Terra's movements at a minimum with her powers, but she's fighting a loosing battle with the former-Titan.

Beast Boy bursts in from the door, but Cyborg catches up to him and grabs him by the shoulders.

RAVEN: Cyborg, Starfire hold her!

Cyborg moves Beast Boy outside the door.


Beast Boy grudgingly complies. Cyborg and Starfire move over to Terra, and gently as they can, hold Terra in place. She still struggles, but her movements are significantly reduced. Raven uses her powers to levitate a syringe out of a cabinet, injects Terra. Her movements slow, and finally cease. Her breathing regulates. Cyborg and Starfire remove their hands.

A moment of stillness, and Beast Boy slowly enters. His eyes are wide, his hands slightly shaking. He steps up to the bed, cautiously; as he's afraid this dream may end.

BEAST BOY: Terra...

He studies her face, now sleeping peacefully. The rise and fall of her chest, however, is apparently hindered by the armor that is fused to her body.

RAVEN: She's unconscious, but she's alive. I don't know how much longer that'll last if we can't get the armor off. Starfire, I'll need your help to get an intravenous started.
STARFIRE: I would be glad to help.

Beast Boy simply continues to stare.

BEAST BOY: She's alive...


Pretty quiet here. In fact, if we didn't know any better, we'd think the city was dead.
The first sign of life is the sound of glass breaking; we now see three ragged-looking guys climbing through the window of an electronics store, carrying out expensive equipment.
Their progress is suddenly hindered by a whip tripping one of them and a sonic blast to the chests of the other two.
Spinning round, we see Robin and Cyborg of course (both of Cyborg's hands are cannons).

CYBORG: Looters? Man, this is just sad.

ROBIN: Yeah. Ever since the outbreak this place is even more a cesspool.

Cyborg deactivates his cannons and begins to walk back down the street.

CYBORG: That's not what I meant. Robin begins walking, catches up to him.

ROBIN: What did you mean?

CYBORG: I mean we're up against the greatest crisis this world's ever faced and we can't do anything about it. We're reduced to this.

ROBIN: We'll find a vaccine, Cyborg. We'll get through this.

He looks thoughtfully at what remains of the boulevard, what was a few months ago a bustling metropolis.

CYBORG: If there's anyone left to pull through.



He watches his accursed screens, depicting the carnage of the Deathstroke Wraiths and the military fighting them off. But the one screen in particular he is focusing on features a security feed from the library.

SLADE: Impressive, Robin. You're progressing much faster than I thought.

From behind, Tatterdemalion enters.

TATTERDEMALION: Phase Two is complete, sir. Your Wraiths now control the entire continent.
SLADE: Excellent, my friend.

A pause.

Tatterdemalion stands firm, as if expecting something.

TATTERDEMALION: And what of our agreement?

Slade makes no move.

TATTERDEMALION: Need I remind you that I'm the only one controlling your precious Wraiths? Forget about our agreement and I'll -- AAAGH!!

He falls to his knees, clutching his head.


Releasing a trigger.

He now turns from the control panel, walks toward the agonized cyborg.

SLADE: And need I remind you that my technology is the only thing keeping you alive? Don't test me, Tatterdemalion...

He taps the button again, and Tatterdemalion releases his head, steadying himself on all fours.

SLADE: ...And I let you continue your pitiful excuse for an existence.
TATTERDEMALION: Yes... Master Slade...
SLADE: Good.

He turns back to the control panel.

SLADE: Now if you'll be so kind as to start the final Phase.

Tatterdemalion glares at his back, his mechanical eye chittering madly.



We are slowly moving over several disinfected metal trays, into which have been placed the various pieces of Terra's armor, bloody, with hair-like microcables branching off grotesquely. We now see Terra, lying in her bed, resting peacefully. Bloody bandages mar her body, her once blond hair stained crimson and matted. Beside her sits Raven, writing in a journal.

RAVEN: Day three of treatment; the armor has now been fully removed, with much less damage than I anticipated. However, blood loss is still a major issue. A transfusion will be required within the next twenty-four hours, or I feel the worst will happen.
BEAST BOY: (O.S.) I can help.

Raven starts, closing the book and charging her hand.

RAVEN: Beast Boy? What in the Seven Hells of Azarath are you doing up so late?
BEAST BOY: Like always, I couldn't sleep. The dreams are getting even worse now that she's alive. It's like she's calling to me.
RAVEN: You're very close to her. It's possible that you forged a faint telepathic bond with her.
BEAST BOY: I wanna help. In any way I can.
RAVEN: I don't see how --
BEAST BOY: She needs blood, right? Test my blood, see if mine'll work.

Raven raises an eyebrow.

RAVEN: I guess miracles do happen.


Robin sleeps unrestfully, tangled in his covers. He is stirred from sleep when his communicator begins to chime. He reaches, groaning, and opens it.

ROBIN: Yeah?

Aqualad's face appears onscreen.

AQUALAD: Robin, we need you in operations. There's something you should see.

Robin looks at the clock; 1:00 AM

ROBIN: Can it wait till morning? I only got two hours of sleep.
AQUALAD: This is important.
ROBIN: Alright.

He closes the communicator, gets out of bed.


Some satellite photos are splayed out across the table; certain points are highlighted with yellow marker.

AQUALAD: Ready for some more bad news?
ROBIN: I don't think I'll ever get used to this.
AQUALAD: (points to one photo) This was taken at 0800 yesterday. It shows typical activity in the Jump City zone, small groups of Wraiths here and there.

He pulls up another photo. This one's main feature is a mass of gray flesh encircled by yellow highlighting.

AQUALAD: 1900 hours today. The entire population of Wraiths in Jump have concentrated mid-city.

Another photo.

AQUALAD: 2000 hours; the Wraiths have mobilized, heading straight to one point.
ROBIN: (a look of horrid realization) Titans Tower.

Robin puts a hand to his brow.

ROBIN: What do you suggest, Aqualad?
AQUALAD: I can't suggest anything. But I do know that the Wraiths aren't doing this by themselves. Someone's controlling them. Find that someone, and the Wraiths will scatter.
ROBIN: So... we run a scan on all electromagnetic, infrared, sonar and telekinetic frequencies to find the source and bring it down. I'll get Cyborg on it.


The Wraiths march single-mindedly toward their destination.

RAVEN: (V.O.) The treatments seem to be taking hold very nicely.


Raven is once more taking notes.

RAVEN: Amazingly, Beast Boy's blood not only tested compatible, it was also free of disease and mutagens. The patient's vitals are steadily growing stronger. I expect her to regain consciousness soon.

We now see that in the bed next to Terra is Beast Boy, an IV in his arm.

BEAST BOY: I'm glad I'm helping, but is it normal for me to be this dizzy?
RAVEN: You've given quite a lot of blood. It should wear off, soon.

The alarm suddenly resounds, and Robin’s voice comes over the PA:

ROBIN: (V.O.) All Titans report to the Ops Room, we have an emergency.


All the Titans are now gathered around the screen, which depicts the satellite photo shown to Robin earlier. Robin stands before them all, briefing them.

ROBIN: Two hours ago we located a faint, barely traceable signal that seems to be controlling the organization of the Wraiths. It’s telekinetic in nature, but enhanced mechanically. It’s originating from a warehouse just inside city limits.
SPEEDY: So, do we have a plan, or are we just gonna run into the warehouse, guns blazing, to take out the source?
ROBIN: Not really. We’ll need to eliminate the scattered Wraiths once the source is destroyed. Cyborg, Speedy, Argent, and I will go after the source. Kid Flash and Aqualad will take a company of marines and whoever else can help and go after the army of Wraiths. Any questions?

Beast Boy raises his hand (the IV is still in his arm).

BEAST BOY: Do I have to fight? I can’t even stand up without help.
ROBIN: I wish you didn’t have to, but you’ll have to sit this one out. Raven, you also have to stay behind. Terra and Beast Boy both need your help. (a pause) If anyone else has second thoughts, this is the point of no return.

Nobody moves.

ROBIN: Glad to see you’re all with me. Prep for battle, we’re on in an hour.
MONTAGE: The Titans prepare for the upcoming assault.

Weapons are loaded, field stripped, reassembled.

Vehicles are fueled.

Custom battle-armor is fitted.

Robin takes his weapons; whip, birdarangs, bombs, disks. He slips on his own, new combat suit. This one is heavily armored, yet still maneuverable. Its color scheme is blue and black. This is the Nightwing-Class Combat Suit.

A company of marines is outfitted with mech battlesuits, evening the odds, in a sense.


Retrofitted now as a military installation. Armored heavy carrier choppers lift off, heading for the mainland.


As soon as the choppers reach solid ground, they deploy three armored humvees with mounted turrets on the back. Other choppers unload the infantry, all outfitted with mech-suits and advanced suppression weaponry.


A light reconnaissance copter, heading off toward the center of the city.


Lit with low-energy red lights. Strapped in place are the tracking team; Cy, Robin, Speedy, and Argent.

SPEEDY: Any advice to offer, anyone, ‘cause I’m starting to wonder how I got here.
ROBIN: Keep your head down, shoot straight, don’t die.
SPEEDY: Great. Thanks.
ARGENT: I’m just having a hard time deciding whether I’m scared out of my wits or irrationally excited.
CYBORG: (smiles) Don’t try. Take’s all the fun out of it.

That earns a smile from even Robin.

PILOT: We’re over the LZ now, Sergeant.
ROBIN: Alright, this is it. Titans, GO!

The hatch slides open, and the Titans LEAP out, dropping an inhuman thirty feet before we



Still gloomy, foggy.

The marines march down Main Street, with Aqualad, Kid Flash, and Jinx leading. Several other Titans are mixed in with the marines, now outfitted with their own battle armour.

KID FLASH: I don’t like this. Almost no visibility.

Aqualad considers.

AQUALAD: Jinx, order all troops and gunships to infrared.
JINX: Copy.

She speaks into her ear COM.

A recon chopper flies in from the fog, over the company’s heads.

CHOPPER PILOT: (V.O.) Blue Alpha, we have a visual on the enemy forces.
AQUALAD: Very good, Recon. Can you give me an estimation of their numbers?
CHOPPER PILOT: (V.O.) Stand by... (pause) looks like approximately nine hundred, maybe more.
KID FLASH: Nine hundred... (reverently) holy crap.
JINX: We should be able to handle them with the advanced artillery.
CHOPPER PILOT: (V.O.) Be advised, Blue Alpha, you should be gaining visual shortly.

He’s right. Out of the fog, hunched and preceded by the horrible insectile shriek, the HORDE emerges.

We knew the Wraiths had numbers, but we’ve never seen anything like this.

The horde’s black eyes glint with inhuman hunger, as they march single-purposely toward their quarry.

The Titans’ eyes grow wide.

AQUALAD: God help us.


Featureless, black. Absolutely no visibility until a single SPARK dances across the screen, in a pattern, blazing a glowing rectangle that FALLS inward, revealing the outside world, including the infiltration team and Cyborg putting away his blowtorch.

SPEEDY: Big door.
ROBIN: Yeah. But no guards. You can’t tell me they weren’t expecting us.
CYBORG: I wouldn’t talk yet; we’re not inside.
ROBIN: Good point.

Robin takes out his whip.

ROBIN: Form up, arrow in. I’ll take point. Switch to thermal and follow my lead.

They all acknowledge the order, and move into a wedge pattern, slipping silently into the building. (The next few warehouse scenes would be seen through a red filter, as though we are seeing in infrared as well.)

We find ourselves in a clean-room like corridor, as if they were about to enter a quarantine zone. At the end is an elevator door with a keypad.

ROBIN: (indicates keypad) What’ve we got, Cy?

Cyborg leans down to inspect the keypad.

CYBORG: No model I’ve ever seen before. I don’t even think these symbols are numeric. Guess they look kinda familiar, but they don’t cross-reference in my lexicon.

Robin crosses his arms.

ROBIN: Is there another way in?
SPEEDY: Recon said the rest of the warehouse is titanium rebar-reinforced concrete. May not look like much, but the place is a freakin’ fortress.
CYBORG: I could hack it, but it’d take a couple hours, maybe a –


As the Titans recover from the noise, they see that the doors have been pried open neatly by a set of giant red metal jaws.

ARGENT: I think it’s safe to assume we don’t have a few hours.


Behind a bunker of sandbags, Aqualad and Jynx clutch their rifles. The sounds of battle resound everywhere; Shrieks, gunfire, explosions.

Aqualad swings up and fires a volley into the fray.

A few Wraiths take glancing shots and go down but not out.

He takes cover again, and suddenly Kid Flash is there, his armour splattered with black liquid.

KID FLASH: This isn’t going well. They’re almost at the line.
JINX: That’s our word, Wally: “Almost”.
AQUALAD: Where are the tanks?
KID FLASH: Technical difficulties.
JINX: Yeah?
KID FLASH: One, the driver had a nervous breakdown. Didn’t know he was claustrophobic till now. Bailed out and got ripped up in seconds.
JINX: The other one?
KID FLASH: Treads got gummed up with bodies. It’s not going anywhere.

A rocket propelled grenade whizzes over their heads, hits home; shrieks and human screams resound.

AQUALAD: Without artillery, there’s no way we can win this.
KID FLASH: I know.

A Wraith jumps over the barricade, but before it can land, Aqualad puts a few rounds into its chest. It falls wetly in front of them. Jinx rolls it away with her foot.

JINX: these things stink.
KID FLASH: We need to find a way to that other tank. But we need someone to clear a path.
AQUALAD: Who’d be crazy enough to go out there and –


Over their heads roars a JEEP, military green with a mounted turret. The turret blazes, ripping several Wraiths right in half. When the jeep lands, it crushes about nine more under it’s armoured tires.

The three Titans stand, look toward the jeep.

In the driver’s seat is GIZMO.

Taller. Slightly older. Slightly less annoying. Very slightly.

GIZMO: Someone order zombie pudding?
JINX: Gizmo? What’re you doing here?
GIZMO: I’ve played Resident Evil my whole life. You think I’d miss this? Hop on.

Aqualad and Kid Flash look at each other, back at the jeep.

KID FLASH: Shotgun.
(Same time)
AQUALAD: Shotgun. (realizes he’s been beat) Crap.


Suspended by high-tensile rappelling lines, Argent, Cyborg, Speedy and Robin descend the elevator shaft.

SPEEDY: How much further?

Cyborg consults his arm readout.

CYBORG: Twenty more feet at the most. Signal’s getting hot.
ROBIN: Let’s keep moving.

They move a few more feet, when they suddenly hear a PIERCING SHRIEK that echoes eerily through the shaft.

ARGENT: Please tell me that wasn’t what I think it is.

Before they even have a chance to reach for their rifles, a Wraith DROPS from the shaft above, grabbing onto Speedy’s line, sliding down toward him.

Lightning fast, Speedy finds his bow and lets loose an arrow which pierces the Wraith’s body and turns it to solid ice. Speedy hugs the wall as it falls past him, and we hear it shatter below.

Meanwhile, it appears the other Titans have been having their own jolly time; several Wraiths have descended and are now attacking the Titans.

The reports of their rifles crackle, but it isn’t enough to keep them all at bay. Several of them climb onto Argent, but she retaliates by generating a large, spiked shield that impales several of them.

CYBORG: Guys, get away from the walls, I’m gonna cook ‘em!

The Titans all swing free on their lines, and Cyborg transforms his arm into a taser-like electrode. He jams it against the wall, lighting the Wraiths up with well beyond thirty thousand volts.

The now-crispy Wraiths drop from the walls, dead.

The Titans breathe heavy sighs of relief.

CYBORG: That’s how we do it.
ROBIN: Good work, Cy.
ARGENT: Guys...

Her voice sounds breathless, and also quite strained.

When they turn to her, she is cradling her arm.


ARGENT: Couldn’t... keep him... off...

She passes out, and hangs limp in her harness.

CYBORG: Bitten...?

He swings over to her.

SPEEDY: She’s just been bitten. There’s still time, right?
ROBIN: Speedy...
SPEEDY: I’ve gotta do something! We can get her into a chopper, take her up high. I can’t just do nothing.

Robin hesitates, then nods.

ROBIN: Okay.

Speedy connects his harness to Argent’s, then begins to ascend.

ROBIN: Two Titans short. The party continues.



As it is CRUSHED by the jeep’s tire.

We now notice that operating the turret is KID WIKKID, mercilessly mowing down any Wraith that isn’t cut down by the armored tires of the vehicle.

GIZMO: The tank’s just up ahead. What’s the plan?
AQUALAD: Pull up right next to it and cover Jynx and I while we get inside.
KID FLASH: (smile) Don’t think I like the idea of you two in such a small space, Garth.
AQUALAD: Too bad, because she’s the only one who knows how to use the tanks advanced functions.
JYNX: You know it.

Jynx decapitates a passing Wraith with a lance of pink energy.



The pink fades to blue as an acetylene torch blazes through an elevator door. Two metal hands push through and pry the door apart, revealing Cyborg and Robin.

CYBORG: Good thing that wasn't as reinforced. We'd've needed Argent again.

The two swing in, surveying their surroundings. They're now in a relatively wide corridor, lined with heavy doors.

CYBORG: Looks like we're about 50 meters underground. I'm surprised I was able to pick the signal up through this much interference.

ROBIN: Where's the signal coming from?

CYBORG: Up ahead, last door on the left.

Robin nods, readying his staff. Cyborg takes point, his readout held in front of him as his other hand transforms into a minigun. They reach the end of the hall, poising themselves on either side of the door. Cyborg's elbow hovers over the control pad. Robin gives a nod, and Cyborg jabs the control, the door hissing open. They spin, Cyborg's weapon preemptively revving.

The room is a HOLDING CELL.

Tatterdemalion is the centerpiece of the room, held in a spread-eagled position by the shackles at his hands and feet. He is surrounded by various pieces of high-end equipment that tie into him through various tubes and wires. He looks up wearily at the Titans.

TATTERDEMALION: Ah, company. I was wondering when you would arrive.

Cyborg frowns, lowering his gun as he heads over to look at the equipment. Robin approaches Tatterdemalion cautiously.

ROBIN: You're controlling the Wraiths?

Tatterdemalion “laughs”, a horrible grating noise.

TATTERDEMALION: I suppose you could say that. Suppressing them would be a more apt term.

Robin raises an eyebrow. Tatterdemalion's eye whirs, as if noticing the expression.

TATTERDEMALION: My Deathstroke virus is a masterpiece, genetic recombination and sequencing at its finest. However, at its base is a sort of... instinct, if you will. Though it is highly developed, almost a race memory. My connection to them overrides it, crudely directing them by my consciousness.

ROBIN: You're saying... without you, the Wraiths would be more intelligent?

Another screeching laugh.

TATTERDEMALION: You're smarter than you look, boy. You could say that. I made a great deal to keep my work on the virus quiet, out of the wrong hands. But I had to continue my work when I inadvertently infected myself. Soon after, Slade Wilson offered to fund my research and provide this augmentation suit to help me retain my humanity. But at a grave price... I've reason to suspect now that my contamination was not as much an accident as I once believed.

Robin's eyes widen at the revelation.

ROBIN: Listen, if what you're saying is true, then help us. Stop the Wraiths from attacking the Tower!

Tatterdemalion shakes his head.

TATTERDEMALION: Impossible, I'm afraid. I can only suppress, not cease their violent nature. Even if I were to try, Slade would cut off my life support and I would succumb to the virus.

ROBIN: Then we can at least get you out of here, somehow disconnect Slade –

CYBORG: (O.S.) Can't do that either, Robin.

He disconnects from a terminal, shaking his head.

CYBORG: Whole place is rigged to blow as soon as he's disconnected.

Robin grits his teeth, his fists clenching.

ROBIN: …can't you disarm it?

Cyborg blinks, staring for a while before turning.

CYBORG: (low) I can try.


Raven's eyes suddenly go wide, a primal scream echoing in her head.

RAVEN: Something's wrong...

Beast Boy lays on a cot, now asleep. Raven nervously looks between him and Terra, wincing at each of the distant explosions as the battle rages on. She moves over to Terra, setting a hand on her brow.

RAVEN: (whispers) I'm sorry.

She settles onto the floor, cross legged, entering a meditation stance. Her chakra begins to glow, and we notice a matching light appear on Terra's forehead. Raven's face screws up in concentration, the EKG next to Terra speeding up slightly.


Sweat beads on the flesh portion of Cyborg's face and he frantically reroutes connections.

TATTERDEMALION: (quietly, almost sadly) This is a futile effort. If you leave me here, I may be able to keep the Wraiths in check.

Robin shakes his head.

ROBIN: We're not leaving you behind. None of this was your fault, and we're getting you out of here.

Tatterdemalion laughs. But... he sounds different now, somehow.

TATTERDEMALION: Such a typical sentiment from you, Robin. And also characteristically foolhardy.

Robin blinks, confused. Suddenly, he notices: a small, glowing insignia on Tatterdemalion's forehead that wasn't there a moment ago. A stylized “S”. Robin grits his teeth.

ROBIN: (hisses) Slade.

SLADE: I must say, Robin, I have missed our little chats. Your unerring morality always brightens my day.

ROBIN: Let. Him. Go.

SLADE: Now now, my friend. You know better than to make demands when you have no grip on the situation. Though I suppose that's what I've always liked about you. You never give up, regardless of how foolish it is to persist.

CYBORG: Robin, we gotta get out of here. He could set those charges off at any minute.

ROBIN: I thought you were disarming them?

Cyborg shakes his head.

CYBORG: I've never seen a system this redundant. Any time I make a bypass, a backup kicks in and locks me out.

SLADE: Looks like I win this round, Robin.

ROBIN: If you blow those charges, you kill your controller.

SLADE: And there's where you disappoint me. You assume I'd be stupid enough to lead you right to the only way of controlling my Wraiths.

Robin gapes.

ROBIN: W-what...?

SLADE: I'm afraid that's all I can allow, for the moment. Until next time, then.

With a sudden, jerking movement, Tatterdemalion twists his head at an unnatural angle, snapping his own neck. His head hangs limply, the light of his eye-lense flickering out.

Robin runs up to the corpse, grabbing its collar and shaking it, shouting in its face.


Cyborg punches the wall, buckling the metal.

CYBORG: Dammit! I can't track the signal he was talking through, and Slade set off a failsafe. We've got five minutes before the place goes up in a mushroom cloud.

Robin practically growls as he nods, heading toward the door quickly. He suddenly spins, pointing at Tatterdemalion's corpse.

ROBIN: Bring him.


The battle seems distant here. Marines and armoured infantry stand guard, some of them obviously upset to be left out of combat.

Suddenly, the water of the bay begins to churn, a form emerging from the water.

MARINE: Contact!

The others whirl to face the gargantuan beast stepping out of the bay. Nearly ten feet tall and rippling with muscle, its forearms terminate in gruesome blades of broken-off bone. It regards the marines with glowing yellow eyes, its mouth breaking into a jagged-toothed grin.

TROGLODYTE: (throaty growl) Meat.

The marines open fire as it lunges forward, tearing into the soldiers and absorbing bullets like mosquito bites.

A moment later, two dozen wraiths erupt from the water, crowding onto the island.


Sweat beads on Raven's forehead, her chakra blazing.

We slowly close in on Terra's face, and suddenly her eyes fly open, glowing RED as she lets out a yell of pain.

Terra sits up, looking at her hands curiously.

TERRA: (in RAVEN'S VOICE) Can't believe that worked...

She climbs out of the bed, shakily standing before falling over. She crawls to a pair of crutches, propping herself up and heading out of the infirmary.


The tank rolls through, blasting a hole in the Wraith's ranks. More of them swarm up, clinging onto the cannon and some even biting the chassis.


Jynx looks through the viewfinder, casting magic to flick the Wraiths off the tank.

JYNX: Is it me, or are they getting meaner?

AQUALAD: Robin better disable that control signal soon...


As Cyborg and Robin rapidly ascend on their cables, Tatterdemalion's corpse hanging limply over Cyborg's shoulder. Robin yells into his communicator.

ROBIN: Red Alpha to Blue Alpha, the control signal was a decoy! Repeat, the signal was a decoy! All units fall back to Titans Tower!


Terra – Raven – hobbles up the stairs, stopping at the edge of the roof. She drops the crutches, teetering a bit before she steadies herself. She takes a deep breath, looking over at the carnage below.

RAVEN: Alright, Terra. Let's see what you've got.

She closes her eyes, bracing herself. Her teeth clench and the ground begins to rumble. Her eyes open slowly, glowing a fierce yellow.


Robin's warning plays on the radio. Jynx raises an eyebrow, frowing.

JYNX: Fall back? Hell with that, I'm finishing this fight!

She guns the tank forward, smashing into the rapidly advancing Wraiths. There seem to be fewer, but there's no way to know for sure. Aqualad puts a hand on her shoulder, and she eases back. He looks her in the eyes.

AQUALAD: Jynx, we can't win this. It's over.

She stares at him a moment, then grits her teeth.

JYNX: Dammit.

She puts the vehicle into reverse.


Several Wraiths are flung off, their bodies exploding as the tank backs up and turns around. The rest of the troops follow, firing backwards as they retreat. Choppers fly overhead, airlifting the troops and mowing down the horde to cover their escape. It doesn't seem to dwindle their numbers at all; there are much more than previously thought.


Cyborg and Robin come barreling out of the exit, Robin looking around frantically.

ROBIN: Where's our evac?!

CYBORG: Speedy must've used it to get Argent out.

Robin slams his fist against the door in frustration, pulling out his communicator.

ROBIN: This is Red Alpha to any available choppers, we need immediate evac from mission insertion point. There facility's rigged to blow in less than two minutes and we are carrying mission-sensitive materials!

The communicator crackles, a solemn voice responding.

DISPATCH: Negative, Red Alpha. All active airlifts are currently assisting our ground troops. I'm afraid you're on your own.

Robin's arm drops, his shoulders slumping as he clicks off the communicator. After a moment he looks to his side, noticing the adjacent rooftop. He looks back at Cyborg, expressionless.

ROBIN: Think we can make that?

Cyborg follows his gaze, looks at the timer on his wrist – 1:25. He looks back at Robin, grinning madly.

CYBORG: Only if you can keep up.


As a platoon crowds on, firing at stray Wraiths that attempt to claw their way on board. As soon as they're secure he takes off, the Wraiths clinging to the landing skids flung off as the helicopter jerks to the side.

PILOT: That's the last of them. We'll have to come back for our boys in armour in the next sortie.

AQUALAD: (Radio) Don't worry about us, corporal. Just get our infantry out of here.

PILOT: (reluctantly) Affirmative...


Now empty aside from the scattered bodies. Gizmo's jeep roars by, trailing lead. It's quickly followed by the tank, and shortly after, the entire horde of Wraiths.


Robin and Cyborg jump rooftop to rooftop, putting some distance between them and the compound.



Not enough time...

Cyborg picks up the pace, Robin matching with some effort.


The pilot lifts his flight visor, his eyes wide.

PILOT: Holy s***...


The chopper flies past, and we now see what he was looking at; the Tower, raised half a kilometer into the sky, suspended by a platform of shifting boulders. A rapidly evolving pillar of stone.


Terra/Raven's face is taught with exertion, her nose and ears leaking blood as she forces the Tower higher.

TERRA/RAVEN: C'mon... just a little higher... we can do this...


10 seconds.

Cyborg and Robin have made it a good distance away. Before them is a sudden drop into the bay.

5 seconds.

Almost at the edge...

3 seconds.

ROBIN: Jump!


They jump out into nothing, time seeming to slow.


A brilliant FLASH just as they hit the water, a shockwave sweeping over them and tearing apart the building they just leapt from.


Gizmo stops the jeep, looking over at the mushroom cloud rising across town. He looks behind him; the Wraiths have stopped chasing, having all turned to look at the explosion in unison.


The city is tiny from up here, but the cloud is still visible. The glow fades from Terra/Raven's eyes as she collapses, twitching slightly.


Raven's eyes snap open as she gasps, falling backwards. Her own nose and ears are bleeding.


The marines are still fending off the Troglodyte, which is now bleeding black ichor from hundreds of bullet wounds. It runs forward and sweeps a platoon aside, one of them falling from the side of the island. The Troglodyte gives a deep, rumbling chuckle.

TROGLODYE: Can none of you bugs give me a fight?

Suddenly the side of its face explodes in a cloud of meat and bone. It staggers, then rights itself. It turns to see a marine in powered armour, his face obscured as he aims a smoking 8-gauge shotgun with one hand. The Troglodyte smiles.


It roars, charging forward. Another blast from the shotgun tears a chunk of its pectoral off, but it keeps coming. Another, and half its arm-blade flies off. Just as the Troglodyte is upon him, the marine throws the shotgun away, sidestepping and putting the beast into a headlock. The Troglodyte struggles, smashing at the marine with its blades, the armour sparking and denting.


Robin and Cyborg surface, Robin gasping for air, Cyborg dragging Tatterdemalion's body. The mushroom cloud looms behind them, spreading. Cyborg flips open his wrist, a Geiger counter clicking furiously.

CYBORG: Man, we gotta get outta here before you soak up too much of this radiation.

Robin nods, only taking a moment to catch his breath before trudging away. Cyborg slings Tatterdemalion again, following.


An explosion sounds nearby, causing Beast Boy to stir from his sleep. He looks over automatically at Terra's cot, his eyes widening at her absence.


He sits up, groaning and clutching at his head. He glances down, suddenly noticing Raven's prone, bleeding form on the floor.

BEAST BOY: Raven!!

He climbs out of the bed, kneeling and picking her up.

BEAST BOY: Raven, c'mon... you're fine... j-just wake up...

He shakes her lightly, wiping the blood away from her nose.

BEAST BOY: (tearing up) P-please...


The Troglodyte is free of the headlock, straddling the marine and pounding on his helmet, the visor cracking. The beast laughs, raising its arms for a final blow.

TROGLODYTE: First we crack the shell, then we crack the nut inside!

Gives the marine a little room...

The marine slides up, driving a pneumatic kick into the beast's crotch. It roars in pain, stumbling back as the marine rolls, retrieving his shotgun and pointing it point blank at the monster's head.

MARINE: (filter) What was that about nuts?

He pulls the trigger, the Troglodyte's head dissolving into a red mist. The headless body staggers, its arms flailing before it finally steps off the edge of the island, tumbling down into the bay of Jump city.

The Marine steps forward, shedding his helmet and tossing it over the side, revealing his gaunt face.

ADONIS: How's that for a fight, you son of a bitch?


Robin and Cyborg stagger wearily through, Robin collapsing from exhaustion, and perhaps radiation poisoning. He slumps against a wall, panting.

ROBIN: G-go... you've gotta get that body back to the Tower...

CYBORG: You're crazy if you think I'm leaving you behind.

His leg opens, revealing a rack of hypodermic needles. He pulls one out, jabbing it into Robin's arm. He grunts at the pain, rubbing his arm at the injection point.

ROBIN: What was that?

CYBORG: Something to keep you going until we can get you to the infirmary.

ROBIN: (smirks) You're not gonna tell me what's in it, are you?

CYBORG: (smiles) Let's just say it's a little cocktail I mixed up for occasions like this. You trust me, right.

ROBIN: Always.

Cyborg offers a hand, and Robin takes it as the big man helps him up.

CYBORG: Alright, we gotta lotta walking to do to make it back –

He's suddenly cut off by the roar of a descending gunship, which hovers directly in front of them. It turns, its hatch opening to reveal Speedy.

SPEEDY: C'mon!

Without hesitation, the two Titans climb into the gunship, strapping in. The gunship lifts off the moment they're in.

ROBIN: Where's Argent?

SPEEDY: She's fine. She's back at the Tower.

ROBIN: The Tower? Why would you bring –

SPEEDY: (a slight smile) It's probably best you see for yourself.

Robin raises an eyebrow.


Beast Boy cradles Raven, tears beginning to flow down his cheeks.

BEAST BOY: I'm sorry, Raven... I'm so sorry...

RAVEN: (weakly) Beast Boy...?

He blinks, leaning to look into her face. She gives him a weak smile.

RAVEN: How many times... have I told you... about the touching thing...

BEAST BOY: (beams) Raven!

He hugs her to his chest, sobbing happily.

RAVEN: (muffled) I mean it.

He wipes his eyes, letting her go.

BEAST BOY: S-sorry.

Raven gets a sudden look of realization.

RAVEN: Terra... we have to help Terra.

Beast Boy blinks in confusion as she struggles to stand, and he helps her get her feet under her.

BEAST BOY: Where is she?

RAVEN: (heading for the door) On the roof.

BEAST BOY: (eyes widening) She's awake?

Raven looks at him oddly.

RAVEN: For her sake, I hope not.


On a gurney as it's wheeled away, revealing Robin and Cyborg standing at the base of the Tower with Speedy. In the background, the marines work on shoving the remaining bodies over the side.

SPEEDY: We're not even sure what happened. Just got a general alarm that the Tower was being attacked, then there was all this babble about the Tower “shaking” and then “going up”.

CYBORG: Could... could it be Terra?

ROBIN: That's impossible... she's still comatose.

SPEEDY: You sure about that?



In the background, we see Beast Boy slowly approach, kneeling and pulling her gently into his lap.

RAVEN: Beast Boy, wait...

BEAST BOY: (softly) Terra... can you hear me?

For a moment, the only sound is Terra's soft breathing. Then, ponderously, her eyes begin to open.

TERRA: (groggy) Beast Boy...?

Beast Boy lets out a chocking sob, tears streaking his face.

BEAST BOY: Yeah, Terra... it's me...

She gives a weak but confused smile as she reaches up and softly touches his cheek. Beast Boy puts his hand atop hers.

TERRA: Beast Boy...

Her eyes open completely. Glazed. Unfocused.

TERRA: ...why can't I see?

Beast Boy's expression falls as he looks into Terra's distant, staring eyes. His tears flow as he stares blankly.

TERRA: ...Beast Boy?



Robin sits alone on the edge of the island, staring out over the ocean as the wind blows his hair. He looks tired, his face oddly gaunt.

VOICE: (O.S.) Hell of a thing you did today.

A dark silhouette stands behind Robin, keeping to the shadows.

Robin inhales sharply.

ROBIN: Don't you ever knock?

VOICE: Not in the habit of using the front door.

Robin snorts.

ROBIN: And where were you in all of this?

VOICE: You think things are any better in Gotham?

ROBIN: Yeah, it's not like the military decided to prioritize Gotham over Jump City.

VOICE: You know that's not what I mean.

Robin turns as the form steps out of the shadows slightly. Pointed cowl, black cloak. The form of armoured shoulders visible underneath.

ROBIN: Why'd you come here, Bruce?

The cowl turns, looking away.

THE BATMAN: I wanted to tell you how proud I am, you handling this on your own. You've come along way since we separated. I can see you've learned a good deal about leadership.

ROBIN: Well... I've got a great team.

THE BATMAN: Including the remarkable young woman responsible for this... interesting bit of landscaping.


THE BATMAN: I hear you brought her back from the dead.

ROBIN: It's... complicated.

THE BATMAN: Keep an eye on her, Dick. Tampering with death is dangerous. I learned that the hard way.

Robin nods.

Batman turns, his cloak swirling.

THE BATMAN: I'll be in touch.

As he heads away, Robin turns, calling to him.

ROBIN: Bruce... it's not over, is it?

Batman hesitates, looking away.

THE BATMAN: No... I'm afraid it's not.



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