This plays slightly in the Batman Beyond timeline, where it has just begun.

18 years after the titans defeated Trigon and saved the world, they met up again and started fighting crime. But something is not right with Robin. The titans know he's holding a grudge against someone- but who? Could it be that after all these years, he held a deep secret?


"ARK ARK ARK!" Went a wild seal in a cage. The two boys standing outside of the cage, one with red glasses and one with a green mohawk started throwing bitten apples and bannannas inside the cage, laughing. "Hey zuke, through another apple!" The boy went. Zuke threw a pile of apples at the cage. The seal wolfed them down, forming into it's human self, a bald green man with a purple suit and purple sneakers. The kids scurried away to not be caught. The man picked up an apple, ate it and said with a full mouth, "RUN, YOU STINKIN' KIDS!"



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