PLOT- Teen titans were a group of members: Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven, Beastboy. They had saved the world, like a billion times and stopped raven's evil father, Trigon from taking over the world.

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Years after, as evil was appearing less and less, the team started to drift away. The titans wouldn't talk to each other, they never saw each other anymore, and they never met anymore. But years after, Robin...was kidnapped. Without the Titans even knowing, he was taken by the Joker, Tortured. He was constantly murdered, treated like a pet. He then had to live by the Joker's rules- with Harley Quinn always watching him.

Robin then became a adopted son of the Joker, with his appearance completely changed, as in Batman Beyond. He was a smaller, eviler Joker.

On the other hand, Terra comes back and leads a new team- the Legion. When Beast Boy finds out, he notes that Terra is in love with...Lightning Lad. In order to finally get back with Terra again, B.B and Cyborg decide to also join the legion.

With of course, some new friends that they met:

  • Lagoon Boy (Raven's number 1 target)
  • Blue Beetle (Met by Cyborg)
  • Kid Lantern

The Titans are still having trouble fighting bad guys like the H.I.V.E- while the Legion is already fighting Slade.

Then...they remember Robin. They realize the trouble he's in...and don't know what to do. Until..the new robin comes in: RedHood. RedHood tells them all about the stories he's had with Joker and how he feels the exact way. RedHood becomes the leader of the team, and must defeat the once known Robin, and the Joker.


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