Team 7 is a former black ops team that worked under the U.S.Government


The group was put together out of young military personel with metahuman powers. They were the Governments greatest team able to stop entire wars and steal anything. The group disbanned after the discovery of the Gen project.


Slade Wilson- Deathstroke. Tactical expert. Unknown to everyone he would one day become a tyrant trying to take over the world. -Regeneration- Enhanced Physiology. 

Dinah Lance- Black Canary. Martial arts expert. A diamond from the day she showed up to her first day of training.  One day she would become a member of the strongest team in all of existence. -Sonic Cry.

Kurt Drake- Tracker. Tracking expert. Kurt was a leader of the team and a compassionate friend. He was engaged to Dinah before his death. -Unknown.

Amanda Waller- Mockingbird. Explosives expert. Amanda felt like she had a lot to prove to become a member of the team. (As she was the only one without powers) She worked hard day in and day out. After the group split she was the only one to still work for the Government. -None

Cole Cash- Grifter. Weapons Expert. Cole Cash was a teenage con-artist. Taken by a group of aliens called Daemonites he was experimented on. They were trying to make him a host. The process failed but he did gain Psionic powers. -Psionics


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