Taurus is the powerhouse of the team.

Vital statistics
Real Name Tyler Jones Ross
Aliases T.J., Taurus
Gender Male
Species human
Status alive
Alignment U.S.A.
Likes Fighting, breaking, smashing
Dislikes sitting, waiting, losing
Place of Origin Texas
Residence Zodiac H.Q.
Relatives Father, Three older brothers
Allies Zodiac
Enemies Doppelgangers, Teen Titans(formally)
Affiliations Zodiac USA
Powers & Abilities
Powers Super Strength/Stamina, Enhanced pain tolerance/endurance
Weaknesses Himself Pride/Anger
Equipment HIS FISTS!
First Appearance Zodiac


Taurus is head strong and irrational. He doesn't think through the consequences of his actions.


Taurus has Superhuman Strength/Endurance/Stamina/Tolerance. He is the Tank of the team and able to survive any attack. However he can be detained by means of a mental attack.


T.J. was born into a ranching family in Texas. He was always teased and prodded because he was the youngest. But as he grew older he found that he was different from his family. Stronger/faster. This was usual for doing chores. When he was 14 three men came to the house to try and sell "Protection." His Father was angered and threw a punch. Mr.Ross survived the event that followed but lost his mobility from the legs down. Tyler's mother was killed by a bullet that ricocheted off of him. In rage he killed the three men. Scared of what would follow he ran away. He was picked up by the Government soon after.

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