Kara Zor-El (Aka Supergirl) from the Planet Argo.


Kara was born on the planet Argo. She does not know her true name as, like Kal-El, she was Rocketed from her planet to Earth. Upon arrival she soon met Superman, and took on his family name. His influence drove her to become a role model to young girls after taking on the name Supergirl. She was quickly drafted into the Justice League. Despite a few problems she is a good fighter and leader. Though there is now a younger team of superheroes she stays on the Justice League due to her existence being recongized by the world.


Kara's powers come from the Earth's Red sun and gravity. Along with some that are natural to Kryptonians.

Argonians have more power then Kryptonians. Supergirl could out do Superman with any of her powers.


Enhanced Senses-

Heat Vision-

Freeze Breath-

Super Strength-

Super Speed-


Super Stamina-


Super Scream-

Self Sufficient-

Enhanced healing-

Memory erasing-





Mental attacks-


Supergirl does not see that she needs help. She enjoys having company, but being stronger then Superman she feels like she can do anything by herself. Even when she knows she needs it. She was 13 when she joined the Justice League. She is both arrogant and rude at times. But if your a close friend she is kind. She has crushes on multiple guys. If your one of those guys then she is shy and sweet. She does have anger management issues. Black cloud over her head means shes not talking at the moment.



This version is far different from main stream versions more closely resembling her DCAU appearance though still with many variations.

She is from the planet Argo. A planet populated by Kryptonians. It was also destroyed when Rao died.

In most comics Kara-El is directtly related to Kal-El as his cousin. However this version has major differences. She has no memory of her true family and as such was "adopted" into the House of El .

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