Vital statistics
Real Name Amanda Mattison
Aliases Danger, Mandy
Gender Female
Species Human (formerly), Metahuman (current)
Status Alive
Alignment Villain
Likes Destruction, radiation
Dislikes Heroes, F.A.
Place of Origin Empire City
Residence Empire City
Relatives Adriel Mattison (father, deceased), Alexandria Mattison (mother, deceased), Adrianna Mattison (sister)
Allies AIO
Enemies Heroes, F.A.
Affiliations AIO
Powers & Abilities
Powers Radiation Manipulation
Weaknesses Electromagnetism Manipulation, hand-to-hand combat
Equipment N/A
First Appearance On this wiki

Suleika is a current working member of AIO.


Suleika is extremely bad a tricking people into following her lead, so she forces people to do that for her.  She is very mouthy.  If she gets ticked off, she uses her dangerous ability against everyone.  She is wrapped up in herself thinking she's better than everyone around her.

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