The Suicide Squad is a Government team to do impossible missions with criminals.


The Government assigned Amanda Waller the project. A disposable, replacable, and powerful team. Captured villains from across the country are implanted with explosives and sent out on nearly impossible missions. Many fail and die. Others try to escape and are killed without a second thought. If they succeded however then their prison sentance would be shortened.


Current Members

Rick Flag Jr.- The team leader

Clock King- The stratagiest

Deadshot- The Sniper

Harley Quinn- Close Combat

Captain Boomerang- Ranged Combat

Plastique- Explosives

King Shark- Tank

Former Members

Headshot- Deadshot's apprentice (Was taken off the Sucide squad and put on Utopia's junior team)

Black Spider- Infiltration (Was taken off the Sucide squad and put on Utopia's junior team)

K.G.Beast- Tank (Killed when he tried to escape)


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