Vital statistics
Real Name Greg Wish
Aliases Stone
Gender Male
Species Human
Status Alive
Alignment Bad
Likes Perfection
Dislikes Lance
Place of Origin Small Town
Residence Florida/ Lexcorp
Relatives N/A
Allies Lex Luthor, Order
Enemies Project
Affiliations Order
Powers & Abilities
Powers Stone form
Weaknesses Cold
Equipment Armor
First Appearance Order

Stone is the name of two teenagers in the Teen Titans universe. One is Cyborg's alias while infiltrating H.I.V.E. Academy. The other is Meta-Human named Greg Wish.


Greg is an average teenager while in his human form. His "Stone" form is a creature made of stone. He has a brownish skin tone and markings around his body. His eyes enlarge and become a deep blue.


Greg is stern and cold. He believes that everyone has to prove themselves. Helping someone would be a dishonor to them.


Origin- As a young boy Greg was small. He wasn't allowed into any of the cliques cuz he hated super heroes. As he grew up the cliques grew stronger and he could never get into one. Alone he used his time to play video games and study science. After the discovery that a superhero lived in his town he decided to take his hatred of them, and its causing him never having any friends, out on him. He created an injection to allow him to morph into his favorite video game creature. A Goron. The first fight he won. The second time he froze out. He was sent off to Dakota City Prison but escaped. Now Lightning Lord and Stone are arch-rivals. Both in and out of costume. 


Greg's first form

After Lance- After Lance stopped attending the small town school in favor of homeschooling, Greg began to get bored of his roll as just a plain havoc causing villain and went to get a scholarship from Lexcorp. Seeing potential in Greg, Lex gave him membership to The Order, A group of teenage villains set to destroy Project.His size as a Goron and strength as a human seems to be increasing.


Greg has the ability to transform into a Goron. This ability allows him advanced dexterity and a ball form. In the ball form stone is completely invincible. He can max 150 MPH while rolling. He also has enhanced strength. Able to lift an entire bus. The transformation is on command so Greg can switch between forms. His weakness is cold. It locks up movement in his body.


Although originally planned to be a small time villain by his creator he was found useful for a new plot line "Stone" is based off of a species Legend of Zelda called Goron.

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