Spot Quabbledaf
Vital statistics
Real Name Spot Quabbledaf
Aliases Spot
The Furious Feline
The Flaming Bolt of Orange
Gender Male
Species Cat
Status Alive
Alignment Hero
Likes Martinis
Dislikes Lack of all alcoholic beverages
Place of Origin Unknown
Residence Titans Tower
Relatives Unknown
Allies Teen Titans
Enemies None yet
Affiliations Teen Titans
Powers & Abilities
Powers None
Weaknesses (still writing this section)
First Appearance Magnetism and Martinis

"Man, I can’t believe that you guys have all these computers and special technology and resources and stuff, but you still can’t get any good booze! How is that even humanly possible?"
— Spot

Spot Quabbledaf, mainly known by his first name Spot, is an intern for the Teen Titans.


Pre-Teen Titans

Spot was owned by Phil Quabbledaf for the first two and a half years of his life. Eventually, Spot wanted to do something of his own, so he moved away and started a new life for himself. He moved to San Fransisco, California to find work. While there, he heard about the Teen Titans and decided to join their group.

Teen Titans

Spot is currently an intern among their group. Robin, Beast Boy and Cyborg are initially skeptical of him; even Raven verbally insulted him. His initial position was to go to the local Taco Bell and get post-battle chalupas for the group.


Spot likes to drink martinis and have a good time. He doesn't like how the Titans Tower doesn't have any form of alcohol in it. He also doesn't like it when people make cat-related jokes to him.


"I spent all day waiting for you to arrive. It was hard to even get in! I finally managed to pry open that secret entrance with my teeth, but as soon as I got it, wouldn't you know it? No vodka!"
— Spot, when first meeting the Teen Titans

"I somehow imagined you'd be... er, taller."
— Robin, after first remembering

"What do you guys have? Beer? Wine? How about a dry martini-- shaken, not stirred?"
— Spot

"I'm 21 in cat years!"
— Spot, when asked about his age

"So, what do you guys usually do after a big victory?"
— Spot, after arriving back at the tower

"Robin, should I get some sedatives?"
— Spot, when Raven gets really angry

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