My name is eathen, but you may call me spirit hunter.

Name: Eathen tepes Ross

Alias: Spirit hunter

Gender: male

Alignment: good

Likes: his blade, goodness, life, and meditation.

Dislikes: interruptions, king yama, demons, broccali.

Place of origin: black forest, germany but raised in kyoto, japan.

Residence: Coast City.

Relatives: jerric Ross (father, Possessed by king yama, in coast city.), erica Ross (deceased.) ryuusuke nijiri ( step-father, deceased)

Allies: titans

Enemies: king yama, denisens of the underworld, villains in general.

Powers: depending on which syllables he uses his sword gains different abilities; rin- channels spirit energy, pyo-channels energy to combat low-level demons, toh- channels energy to fight mid-level demons, sha-channels energy to fight high-level demons, kai- purifies the departed and sends them to heaven, jin, creates water-like energy around the blade, retsu- wraps wind-like energy around the blade, sai- wraps flame-like energy around the blade, zen- increases the physical abilities for five minutes.

master swordsmanship- skilled in different forms of swordsmanship.

sixth-sense: can see things and beings of the spirit world

demonic- arm: arm is demonic due to curse.

Weakness: powers drain his energy so he can't use them much. the stronger the power he uses the more energy he drains.

Equipment: giant sword called onikiri(demon cutter), demonic arm.

history: when Eathen was born, his father, Jerric, and his mother, Erica, were starting to feel distant, this birth brought them closer together. after two years Jerric headed his own firm. When he fired a disgruntle employee the emplyee, in his rage, summoned the king of the underworld, Yama Enma, as soon as he was summoned he destroyed the employee and possessed Jerric. as Erica saw the possession happen she took Eathen to the one place Yama would never look. Kyoto, Japan. after three years Erica met and married a priest named Ryuusuke Nejiri. Yama, found them when Eathen turned fifteen. By then Eathen had master the sixth sense in him as well as swordsmanship. he had just mastered how to infuse mystical energies into objects when Yama and his demons attacked. THey took his mother and step-father. yama told Eathen he was taking them to Coast City. so eathen traveled there and eventually came to be called Spirit hunter by the demons. when one of their kind cursed his arm and turned it into a demons arm intending to turn him into a demon. now he fights with the northeast titans against King Yama to rescue his Father, mother, and Step- Father.

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