"My past is none of your business. Now let's fight. "
— Spectria

Vital statistics
Real Name Aria Willows
Aliases Specs
Gender Female
Species Human
Status Alive
Alignment Good
Likes Friends, Fighting, Sorcery, and


Dislikes Idiots
Place of Origin Louisville, Kentucky
Residence Chicago, Illinois
Relatives Unknown
Allies Titans Europe

Titans England

Enemies H.I.V.E.



Affiliations Titans Europe

Teen Titans

Powers & Abilities
Powers Mind telepathy, flight, archery, and sorcery
Weaknesses Evil magic
Equipment Bow and arrows, Spellbook
First Appearance 3/18/12 (Wiki)

The Bigger Picture

Spectria (aka Aria Willows) is a 15 year old physic. Her abilities include mind telepathy, socerery, archery, and flight. Her accessories include a bow and arrow, spellbook, and goggles. With the help of her closest friends, Spectria learns to control her powers more and more everyday. She is also nicknamed and sometimes called "Specs" by her teammates.

She later joined the Titans Europe team where she now resides and fights in Europe. She soon became best friends with her teammates Warfare, Miss. Horror, Miracle, Kid Flash, and all the other members.

Character History             

Spectria's actual name is Aria Willows. She was put up for adoption at the age of two by her birth parents and was never adopted. She was born in the United States in a small town. She decided when she turned eight that she would run away because she had started to develop strange new physic powers. She also developed the ability to fly and some great archery skills. In her town, she was labeled a witch by the church and had to get away. She lived in the woods until members of Titans Europe found her.  Now 15, Spectria has fully developed magical abilities, and can control them completley. Well...sometimes. 


She wears a black shirt and black jeans. She sometimes wears goggles when performing spells and she had brown hair that turned purple when she first developed her powers. She has purple eyes. She also wears black fingerless gloves, black boots and a necklace.


  1. Hypnosis: A spell that allows Spectria to put her opponent to sleep for about 5 minutes. The effect puts the affected opponent into a deep sleep, and can sometimes cause weird dreams.
  2. Flight: Allows Spectria to fly as a form of transportation
  3. Energy Whip: A spell that summons a whip made of pure energy. Used mostly as a weapon and form of defense.


Character/Accessories Gallery

Spectria goggles closeup

Closeup of Spectria's goggles

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