Vital statistics
Real Name Clark Matthew
Aliases Skidz
Gender Male
Species Human}
Status Alive
Alignment Villain
Likes Spitfire, Machines
Dislikes Himself
Place of Origin Metropolis
Residence Lex Corp Tower
Relatives None Really
Allies The Order
Enemies Project except Spitfire
Affiliations LexCorp, Utopia, The Order
Powers & Abilities
Powers None
Weaknesses Self consciousness, Lack/Full of Pride
Equipment Lexbots,Streak 13
First Appearance {{{RPG, Fan-series}}}

Skidz (Clark Matthew) is a 17 year old who creates robots, androids, and battle suits for Lex Luthor


Skidz first memory is the Orphanage. After that he remembers studying machinery. At school he won every science fair. In the eighth grade, after he showed off his fully functional exo-skeleton, he was granted an internship to Lexcorp. Lex Luthor practically adopted him and lets him live in the Lex-Corp building. He now builds and tests all the machinery. When Lex was forming The Order he wanted to join to test his Mech in battle personally.


Clark is a wimpy young mechanic. Despite his brilliance he thinks very lowly of himself. He is easily scared or frightened. However while in his suit he becomes a completely different person who likes to call himself Skids. Skidz acts on instinct and pride. However Clark is slowly becoming more confident while out of armor and less reckless while in thanks to Eve.


Streak 13-

His suit is highly functional with enhanced everything from strength to speed. Rocket boosters and space travel. He has its launcher filled with everything from Kryptonite to Lasers.

Lexbots- Currently he is working on Lexbots. A shape shifting machine able to transform into the strongest of fighters.


Eve: His girlfriend and closest comrade. He wants to tell her the truth of his dual identity. However for now he just enjoys her company and love.

Lex Luthor: His adoptive father....of sorts. Lex only speaks to Clark when he has a new discovery. However all Clark's needs are taken care of by LuthorCorp.

Stone: Clark and Greg while not close friends have a certain respect for each other and their fields of expertise.

The Crow: Clark is scared of Hiram. However Skidz is not scared of anything and would love nothing more then to beat up the arrogant assassin.

Rivera: While he is attracted to her, Clark is a true gentleman and as such tries to forget she's a girl and instead sees her as an ally.


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