Season 1, Episode 2
Air date Unknown, (Planned for December)
Written by FireDrag1091
Directed by FireDrag1091
Episode Guide
ARMOR Operations

Due to the success of ARMOR Operations, the next episode in the Armored Trilogy became known as: Signature 273, and is meant to continue the story of Makarov-083.


Months after the events of ARMOR Operations, the Russian Infantry Force and Logistics Enactment (RIFLE), and the Auxiliary Russian Mandate and Order Regiment (ARMOR), were finally capable of tracking down rouge element: Niklas-273 'Headhunter' into a city just on the Russian-Finnish Border. Deploying Makarov-083, the ARMOR Super-soldier must defeat his previous ally, before 'Headhunter' is capable of stealing a Precursorarian relic recovered after the Second Battle of the Precursors.

Upon finally catching 'Headhunter', Makarov-083 must battle with his old friend in order to protect the Precursorarian relic and the city it threatens to destroy. Will Makarov-083 succeed? Or will 'Headhunter' escape once again, and threaten the existence of humanity as we know it?




  • This episode in the Armored Trilogy is set to air in early December, following the success of the ARMOR Operations Mini-Series.

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