"I will save you. For I, am the White Dragon! "
— Shiro

Shiro Oku
Shiro oku
Vital statistics
Real Name Shiro Oku
Aliases White Dragon
Gender Female
Species Human
Status Alive
Alignment hero
Likes Fans, Kimonos, Japanese stuff, raw sushi
Dislikes Foreign cultures
Place of Origin Hokkaido, Japan
Residence Hokkaido, Japan
Relatives Unknown
Allies Titans East & West, Kole
Enemies Red-X, Slade
Affiliations Titans Japan
Powers & Abilities
Powers Mind telepathy, master acrobat, master hand-to-hand combatant
Weaknesses None
Equipment Fans (they are very sharp)
First Appearance

Shiro Oku is a hero of Toyko & Osaka. She uses the alias 'White Dragon' and normally looks like a geisha when she kicks bad guy butt.


When she first found out that she has powers, she immediately used them for good.


She's very kind and sweet. She can bare working in a team but prefers working in pairs or in thirds, or even better, by herself.


See character chart.


Kole: Became her best friend when Shiro met her.

Robin: Has a crush on him but knows he's out of bounds since Robin and Starfire are a couple.

Red-X: Red-X loves hitting on Shiro, and has feelings for her. But Shiro is very naiive when it comes to those kind of things.

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