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Vital Statistics
Real Name Aaron Paleblood
Aliases None
Gender Male
Species Stargazer
Status Living
Alignment Neutral
Likes N/A
Dislikes N/A
Place of Origin Unknown
Residence Various
Relatives None living
Allies Teen Titans
Enemies Various
Affiliations N/A
Powers & Abilities
Powers Ability to alter reality
Weaknesses None known
Equipment N/A
First Appearance

Shift was adopted by a prominent Azarathian family when he was an infant, having been the product of a mating between unknown cosmic entities. When he was received into the community, the elders of Azarath looked into his future, as they do with all residents, and saw... nothing. Apparently, as a result of his unnatural powers, his future hadn't been written yet the way most mortals' have. This troubled the elders greatly, who believed it to be a bad omen of things to come. Fearing for the safety of Azarath, the elders decided that Shift needed to be separated from the other residents until it could be determined why they couldn't see his future, or, at least, why he'd been brought there in the first place. What they found out was positively astonishing.

Shift, whose real name is Aaron, is the last known Paleblood clanmember. The Palebloods are the last (and, according to legend, the most powerful) clan of Stargazers, a group of inter-dimensional beings whose sole purpose for existence was "to preserve the natural order of the universe." In other words, if someone was supposed to die but didn't, it was a Stargazer's job to kill them. In accordance with their ancient believes, the Stargazers carried out "the will of the universe", maintaining a chain of events that is supposed to be undisturbed by the action or inaction of sentient, mortal beings. Because of their immense power, and the fear that ensued as a result, they were hunted to virtual extinction by other inter-dimensional beings. The last two Palebloods hid their four living children as far from each other as possible, trying to keep them safe by not attracting attention to them, but to no avail. All but one, the newborn Aaron, were killed, in an attempt to "end the oppressive reign of the Stargazers." Frightened and alone, the two last adult Palebloods took the infant Aaron to Azarath. The nature of Azarath was perfect for hiding the innocent young child, and the monks were made to promise that they would not only take care of him, but also keep from him his true identity, lest the Skywatchers — as the hunters of the Stargazers are known — find and kill him.

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