Shadow Wolfe
Shadow Wolfe
Vital statistics
Real Name Unknown
Aliases Moon's Darkside, Shadow Reaper
Gender Female
Species Human/Lycan/Vampire
Status unknown
Alignment None
Likes Black, Wolves, Her weapons, Herself, Clouds
Dislikes Pink, Socializing, Losing, Annoying people
Place of Origin Unknown
Residence Unknown
Relatives Jason Todd
Allies Red X
Enemies Sparrow
Affiliations Teen Tyrants

Red X

Powers & Abilities
Powers Mainly uses weapons and gadgets, Transmutation, All elements (Aethr is her specialty), Can transform into a Wolf,
Weaknesses Unknown
Equipment Guns (different types), Swords, Gunblade, Shurikens, Wolf Crystal
First Appearance Common Series
She is Red X's (Jason Todd) mysterious cousin. Not much is known about her except that she can transform into a wolf. It is also revealed that she's just in the "neutral party" which means that she's neither good nor bad. She save those who are in ABSOLUTELY dire situations. She also helps Red X when he needs help like: A new power source; Weapons; etc., She doesn't care much about the world and prefers to be left alone and "not bothered by useless crap".

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