"May the darkness, be with you."
— Shadow Caster

Shadow Caster
Shadow caster
Vital statistics
Real Name Selena Brown
Aliases Shadow Thief
Gender Female
Species human
Status Alive
Alignment Villain
Likes Chilli pepper, sprite, skittles, cookies, cupcakes, friends
Dislikes teen titans, enemies, red-x and kyd wykkyd teasing her, tea
Place of Origin California, Jump City
Residence Jump City and Star City
Relatives unknown
Allies shadow puppeteer, red-x, kyd wykkyd, gizmo, mammoth, and billy numerous
Enemies titans
Affiliations n/a
Powers & Abilities
Powers Shadow manipulation
Weaknesses using too much of her power
Equipment n/a
First Appearance pending
 Shadow Caster is a noctorious villain who raids at night.



Shadow as her true self: Selena Brown.

Selena became the shadow caster when she relalized that she was a mutant. Everybody hated her, even her family. They discarded her like a piece of trash and ignored her presence.


Very cold and mean. She used to be very bubbly.


look at infobox picture for appearance.


  • umbreonkinesis: ability to manipulate shadows
  • can turn into a shadow herself


Red-X: Gains a small crush on him.

Kyd Wykyyd: Gains a huge crush on Kyd. She knows his real name because Wykyyd told her.

Gizmo: Thinks of the squirt as her little brother.

Mammoth & Billy: thinks of them as her annoying family.

jinx: hates the living guts out of her

Shadow caster in a shadow

Shadow caster as a shadow


"let the shadows devour your heart."

"You're like me Elliot... a shadow." Shadow Caster to Kyd Wykyyd

"Selena is no longer my name!" Shadow caster to unknown person

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