Shadow is a Kryptonian from Argo

Shadow (Kryptonian)
Vital statistics
Real Name Lak-Zor
Aliases Shadow
Gender Male
Species Kryptonian
Status Active
Alignment Neutral
Likes Vilence,causing pain
Dislikes Peace
Place of Origin Argo
Residence Jump City
Relatives Non
Allies Teen Titans
Enemies Brotherhood of Evil
Affiliations The Mavericks
Powers & Abilities
Powers Superspeed,flight,laser vision,super strength,immunity to a vaccum
Weaknesses Kryptonite
Equipment {{{Weapons and Artifacts}}}
First Appearance {{{RPG, Fan-series}}}


Born after the destruction of Krypton on the Domed City of Argo, Lak-Zor become bent on avenging his people and killing Brainiac. He trained himself until he became one of the finest examples of a non-powered Kryptonian (thanks to the red sun above Argo) he escaped soon after and began using his powers to make a name for himself. Darkness approached him about joining his new team. after a few weeks he moved to Jump City with the rest of the team

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