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The Secret Society of Super Villains is the largest assembly of evil-doers the world has ever encountered. After Doctor Light remembered how the Justice League mindwiped him into becoming a dosile and inferior buffon, he swore vengeance and recruited the most nefarious of villains to aid him in forming a army of supervillains to destroy them, along with the Teen Titans.

Together, they created an evil syndicate of nearly 200 villains, from A-List all the way to D-List costumed criminals. Armed with this manpower, and the secret identities of the Earth's greatest superheroes, thanks to Light's restored memories, they are a force to be reckoned with.

Staging calculated attacks across multiple cities, while also targeting the loved ones of many heroes, the Secret Society dominated the airwaves and struck fear into the hearts of million of americans in only a few short weeks. The Criminal underworld was decimated as the Secret Society also took control and drove out any competition, using the profits to stay hidden from the authorities, the Justice League, and the Teen Titans.

Finally their manpower and influence payed off, when they proceeded to attack Metropolis in full force like a coordinated military invasion. Nickenamed "The Battle of Metropolis", the city was under siege, until the police and national guard defenses finally collapsed and the villains rampaged across the city. Demanding the Justice League and the Teen Titans to surrender, they promised to end the attack so long as the heroes came before them, unmasked!

Little did the heroes, or the villains within the Society, realize what Doctor Light's true plans entailed. He and a far greater evil were using the urban warfare in Metropolis to initiate a much more sinister plot, one that would make Light a god, and bring Earth to the brink of destruction!

List of Members

The Ruling Council

  1. Doctor Light (Rodger Bumpass)
  2. Slade (Ron Perlman)
  3. Cheetah (Morena Baccarin)
  4. Talia al Ghul (Stana Katic)
  5. Black Adam (Arnold Vosloo)
  6. Merlyn (Nolan North)
  7. Kanto (Michael York)
  8. Riddler (Walton Goggins)
  9. Black Manta (Harold Perrineau)
  10. Madame Rouge (Hynden Walch)
  11. Eclipso (Christopher Meloni)
  12. Psimon (John de Lancie)
  13. Vandal Savage (Dean Cain)

Regular Members

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