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Scorpion with his spear

Scorpion is an assassin and antihero 


Scorpion is driven by honor and rage. He is calm unless someone insults his or his famiy's honor


A Kontestant in Mortal Kombat Scorpion was transported to the DC Universe by Trigon in an attempt to control the great assassin. Trigon's plan failed and Scorpion went on a rampage, killing many heros and villains along the way. He is now used to this new world but doesn't understand why he can't challenge people to death duels.


Dual swords

Scorpion's famous swords, the hilts are in the shape of a scorpion tail.


A chain with a blade that looks like a stinger. It is in his arm when not in use



Being a spectre he can utilize hellfire in several forms

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