"Do you really think you can take us on? We're The Zodiac. And we don't lose."
— Scorpio

Vital statistics
Real Name Katrina Stowers
Aliases Scorpio
Gender Female
Species Human
Status Alive
Alignment Good
Likes Boys, fighting, flirting, and getting what she wants
Dislikes Anyone who hurts her or her friends and when she doesn't get her way
Place of Origin India
Residence The Zodiac H.Q.
Relatives Kathy Stowers (adoptive mother; deceased)

Jason Stowers (adoptive father; deceased)

Jessica Stowers (older sister) Carter Stowers (older brother)

Allies The Zodiac

U.S Government

Enemies The Dopplegangers, Teen Titans (formerly)
Affiliations The Zodiac


Powers & Abilities
Powers Blade extension
Weaknesses Her past
Equipment Cross Necklace
First Appearance {{{RPG, Fan-series}}}

Scorpio is a member of The Zodiac who doesn't stop until she gets what she wants. She often flirts with the boys, hoping one of them will notice her. In battle, she is very serious and doesn't play lightly.


Born to a poor family, Scorpio a.k.a Katrina didn't have much. She was put up for adoption as a child in India, and was later adopted by an American couple. She was brought up and rasied in Jump City, where she learned English for her first language. Her adoptive family consisted of her, her parents, and 2 older siblings. They lived in a 3 bedroom apartment, where she shared a room with her sister. The two were close, and often shared many secrets with each other.

When her parents died in a shooting, her world came crumbling down. Her siblings were 18 and 19, so they moved out and left Katrina behind. She was 12 at the time and didn't know what to do, so she wandered the streets alone.

Now 16 years old, Katrina has discovered new friends and team who she can relate with. She lives with them, and works for the government as a member of The Zodiac. She vows to get revenge on whoever shot and killed her parents.


She's flirty, confident, and a hard worker. She also tends to run her mouth, which can get her into unwanted trouble. Despite this, she is a good ally to have on your side in a battle.

Secretly wishes that the other girls would accept her as not only an ally but also as a friend. Then again, making friends was never easy for her.


Katrina has dark hair and tan skin with green eyes. She often wears a dark red corset along with her gloves that have holes to allow her to extend her bone blades.  She also wears a large belt and dark red matching skirt that shows her legs on the sides. With all of this, she wears black boots and a cross necklace around her neck.


She has, as long as she can remember, been able to extend blades from her body. Currently she only can extend two from her knuckles. However it is assumed she an do more. Along with this she is faster, stronger, and has more stamina then a normal girl her age.

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