Sarla is an evil Witch and one of the leaders of Utopia


Sarla's history is unknown. She has grown trained in the Dark arts and has immortality. Despite such she is young. She once loved a young boy. Yet to gain full control of her powers she gave up emotion. Once changed she found herself surrounded by a group of people wishing to make all like her. Emotionless slaves. Her mental state in disarray she agreed and later became the head of Sorcery in the Council of Utopia


She was born with natural beauty that has flourished. Her mid length Black hair matches her Goth clothing style. Her eyes are stone grey as her soul. She wears a Black with white highlights Bikini corset. Along with a Black Trenchcoat, gloves, Boots, and pants.


Sarla is able to preform almost any magical incantation. She never uses magic unless necessary as she has lost emotions. No Pride.

Possible Future

After the long battle to take over the world the Utopian council found that her emotionless self was unfit to be a leader and so she was demoted to top fighter. She did not care and fits alongside two former Project agents Sen-El and Headshot

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