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Vital statistics
Real Name Unknown
Aliases Rust, Slick
Gender male
Species Human
Status Alive
Alignment neutral
Likes Yelling, swearing, arson, potato chips, scooters
Dislikes The quiet, sitting around, owls
Place of Origin Queens, NY
Residence Kings, NY
Relatives unknown
Allies Project "Child's Play"
Enemies None specifically
Affiliations Project "Childs Play"
Powers & Abilities
Powers None
Weaknesses Getting nagged at
Equipment A matchbook and lighter
First Appearance X

"I swear to the ever-loving mother of f!ck, I'll light this b!tch on fire!"
— Rust

Rust is a 13 year old with a passion for fire.  He is very impulsive and is the ring leader when it comes to missions. He is a strong fighter and very heard headed. He is currently a member of Project "Child's Play".


Rust has dirty blonde hair, held back by a black bandana. He has a fair complexion, aside from burn marks on his arms. He wears a rust-colored long-sleeve t-shirt under neath a black t-shirt. He wears grey skinny jeans and red high-tops. He is 5'7 and has green eyes..


Rust has a fiery temper and a strong will. He is very stubborn and not easy to convince. He enjoys taking action, often commanding his team during the time of mission execution. He enjoys arson and playing with fire. He has quite a few burn marks on his arms from when he was careless. He swears a lot, and enjoys butting heads with people, often encouraging them to fight.


He was raised by his grandmother up until age 7, when she died of mysterious causes. He speculates White and Black had something to do with it. This lead him to run away to Kings, where he raised himself for 2 years. He was partially homeless, aside from the kind strangers who offered him a place to stay the night. He took a particular liking to one family in particular, and was considering living with them forever. He asked if he could, and because the woman was incapable of having her own children, she and her husband decided to adopt him. He lived there for about a year, going to school and living like a normal kid. Whilst at school, he came back to find the apartment complex he lived in burnt to the ground. Both of his caretakers had died, and he lived on the streets for about a month until aproached by two strangers, both 3 years older than himself. They offered him a position, and when he refused, they chloroformed him, and when he woke up, he found himself a part of Sub Queens. Over the course of 1 year, the two figures that had first apporached him had taken a liking to him. They invited him to become one of the first members of Sub Alpha.

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