Royal Flush

Royal Flush (Jack Allen) is a teen antihero


Jack always knew there was something wrong with order but could never do anything about it. When he was 10 he went into a deep depression and gave himself a Glasgow Smile (inspired by his hero the Joker) because of all the rules and order in his house. His parents were so shocked that they sent him to a mental asylum for anarchists. There he met the criminal Anarky and the two became friends. At age 16 he was declared sane and released from the asylum only to find his family was killed in a riot caused by Anarky. He then decided the world needed more order and set out to give it some as Royal Flush.


Royal Flush is always calm and at times seems emotionles, but in truth just doesn't care about much except total and complete order.


Royal Flush wears a Guy Fawkes mask to disguise his identity and wears a black hoodie and jeans. Underneath the mask he has brown hair and green eyes with only a small remanent of his Glasgow Smile.



Assorted pistols 


Brass knuckles

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