roxie, a young metahuman girl from the future--claims to be the daughter of the m.i.a gar logan and an unidentified female.the reformed gizmo snickers in disbelief.kid flash nudges him,therefore he believes her.but roxie didn't come alone the descants of the worst villians --bipolar[kennedy newman],peacock[anastacia cobbale],the newest thorn---aaron isley, pranker[colin] and prankette[holly amy]--rumored grandkids of the joker and harley quinn.

"rox-anne,what is your superpower?"asked starfire.roxie replied that she has animal durablity. cyborg steps out.

"what's going to be your code name ?"asked cyborg. "pomerinian."

meanwhile at titans london,static is knocked out by a creepy boy."come....prankette,let's make old grandpa proud."said pranker.

",kiddies save the lighting bug to ol'uncle mod,is that okay ?"asked mad mod.the two sibling leave.



"hey,is somebody gonna beat the bad person up ?"-roxie

"dog girl i wanna thank you."

"it's pomerinian,holly amy"-

prankette and roxie..

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