"I only work to myself. Sometimes as a team. But never to anyone."
— Ryand'r talking to Slade before becoming his apprentice

 Robin (Ryand'r Conner Grayson) is a 17 year old half-Tamaranian boy. Son of Nightwing and Stafire. He is leader of The New Titans
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Ryand'r's portrait


Ryan Grayson was born in Gotham City, he was trained from age 4. He knows 128 types of martial arts (127 normal and a Tamaranian martial art) his parents were protective to him but never too much. They wanted him to know danger. When he was 12 years old, he became the new Robin after his uncle Damian became Red Nightwing. His father, Nightwing was the first Robin so he taught him everything about being Robin. When he was 17, he went to Jump City with his friends and decided to create his own team The New Titans. 

Physical Apperance

Ryan has black spiked up hair. His eyebrows are normal and his skin color is slightly orange. He has kinda big green eyes and whites of his eyes are also a pale green like other Tamaranians. He wears the same costume with his father but with skinny gloves, titanium toes on boots and a gem that represents Tamaran on the front. He doesnt wear his mask all the time.


Ryan is usually quiet and serious (not as much as his father) and kinda obsessed with Slade in a different way. He isnt really comfortable. He likes being calm and controlling himself thinking that it is the best for his team. He isnt obsessed with secret identity.


Jason: Jason is Ryan's bestfriend since he is 5. They always fought together and helped eachother in training or daily problems. 

Cass: Cass is also Ryan's bestfriend but he doesnt trust him at all. He thinks he is cocky sometimes. Also they never fight because Ryan doesnt like messing with all these stuff.

Victor: Victor and Ryan has a respectful friendship which is not really shown. They talk to eachother and trust eachother. They are good friends.

Kaitlyn: Kaitlyn is Ryan's sister, they doesnt fight or mess with eachother, Ryan is protective to her but not much. He knows that she likes Jason alot and lets her flirt with him, trusting both of them.

Arella: Arella is Ryan's crush since he met her. He knows that she probably likes him back but he likes two girls and he doesnt want to date anyone til he decides.

Jamie: Jamie is also Ryan's crush. She likes Ryan back, she thinks he is her hope but Ryan doesnt understand it at all. He met her in a bad situation so it was really easy for them to be close to eachother.

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