The "new" Robin

Alex Rhodes is the new robin and the leader of Titans Manhatta


Alexander Rhodes was a poor boy who had to steal from streetpassers to keep himself full. He then crossed Damian Wayne after Dick passed on the role as Batman to him. Alex despertate to get away leaped through the rooftops until Batman knocked him down with a single punch. Admiring his acrobatic skills and quick wits, Damian asked if he liked to be the new Robin and brought him to the Batcave. Presenting the new suit to him Alex swore he'd wear it with honor. He then came home ounce and found his parents were shot by a thief. Alex corners him and in fear the thief falls down into a deep river. Damian finds him and tells him the thief's death will not bring his parents back.


Alex tends to be very unserious at times which leads to people questioning him about how he became leader but it is soon revealed that when he fights crime he is more strict then the Dick Grayson Robin.


He looks like Dick Grayson from Young Justice tv series

His hair was Black before he became Robin but later dyed it blonde

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