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"I need more Xenothium," mumbled Red X as he was running from the Titans. He kept pounding his fist on his belt in the hopes of teleporting away... to no avail. The energy stored in his powersuit is nearly depleted. He just stole a bag full of money from a bank but the Titans were somewhere nearby taking a break or something like that. His hand clutched his grappling hook. If his teleportation system fails to take him away, he'll have to escape Old Style. "Here it goes," and X jumped of the roof and slammed his fist onto his belt and finally he teleported away. Once, X returned to the comfort and safety of his house, he took off his mask and looked down at his belt which stored all the energy, all the Xenothium. "I REALLY need another supply of Xenothium," he groaned. "Or better yet, a new power source." He dumped the bag on the floor and started emptying his cash into his vault. Then he took a shower and changed into civi clothes. Then he turned on his Mac and TV... watched/listened to the news while researching for Xenothium factories or a new power source. But just then, he heard something quite interesting in the news: "A meteor was seen crashing down. Scientists investigated it and said that the meteor wasn't an ordinary meteor. It was red and glowing. After a few studies, it is confirmed that the suspicious meteor is indeed Red Kryptonite. It was taken under the custody of the superhero group: the Justice League." Red X smiled. This should be easy. Then his smile faded. The Titans. 'They'll be on the look-out for me. I need to ask someone they're not familiar with. Someone they don't know,' he thought.

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