The rift is an area in Astralagi's univere that conects it to other realities. It became active during the Battle with Ragnarok Grey who had visisted numerous dimensions and universes and had used his massive power to conquer them and tear rifts between them for his passage. The rift itself is not a single rift. It refers to Astralagi's dimension which exists in the space between dimensions. Allowing the many univeses to surround it without any negative effects. However it has bben shown that signifacant amounts of energy can tear into Astralagi's Primordial dimension. There could very well be billions of Rifts in Astralagi's universe, but most are sealed or currently noexistant. One is created when a Universe and Astralagi's dimension come in contact with each other during a significant release of energy. So far two have been located. One is the rift that Ragnorak Grey came through which has been sealed, but another has since been located and two people from that universe have been sucked into Astralagi's dimension. They possess powers from their world and were easily able to defeat the Titans of the Sozen Arc. They passes through the Sozen Arc and hve begun terrorizing Jump city and other areas in anger, rage, and attempt to return to their home.

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