Red X and The Outlaws is the story of Red X, Arsenal, and Starfire as a team. [2]


In the year, 2021, the Titans (Nightwing, Beast Man, White Raven, Cyborg 2.0, Starfire, and a teenage Warp) battle Slade in an epic final battle. While Cyborg 2.0, Warp and White Raven take out the minions, Beast Man goes after Slade's Doomsday Weapons. Nightwing and Starfire take on Slade. Beast Man accidentally speeds up the countdown and Cyborg 2.0 is unable to deactivate it. Starfire decides to destroy it with a starbolt. Nightwing objects but Starfire does it anyway and White Raven puts a shield around herself, Nightwing, Beast Man, Cyborg 2.0, Warp and Slade but Starfire gets blasted away. A furious Nightwing attacks Slade only to find out its a Slade-bot. The Slade-bot tells him that Slade is actually dead and he is the last of the Slade-bots and self-destructs. Starfire wakes up in Steel City and cannot remember anything except her name and powers but doesn't remember the Titans or her boyfriend, Nightwing. Meanwhile, Red X steals more xenothium to power the suit and heads to his hideout. He is revealed to be Jason Todd. Jason was Batman's second Robin after Dick left. But Jason was constantly compared to Dick. In order to prove himself, he went after The Joker. He got caught in Joker's trap and was beaten by the Joker with a crowbar. He then planted a bomb and left. The bomb went off and Batman arrived too late to find his sidekick dead. But Jason survived the explosion and decided to fake his death by placing the Robin costume on one of Joker's dead henchmen and left. He decided to swear revenge on Dick Grayson to prove that he is the better hero. He stole the Red X suit and decided to destroy Dick and the Titans. But Jason discovered that Dick was a lot like him and decided to help him free the Titans from Professor Chang. At the race for Robin's suitcase, Jason wanted the suitcase to destroy Dick but when Dick saved him, he decided to repay the debt by taking out the competition and left, swearing that next time he sees Dick, they're enemies. As Jason loads the Red X suit with xenothium, he spots Starfire, Dick's girlfriend outside his window. Jason has a crush on her but decides to attack her due to her connection to Dick until he sees her being surrounded by the Fearsome Five (Gizmo, Psimon, Mammoth, Doctor Light, and See-More). He decides to help her and the 2 of them fight off the Fearsome Five. Starfire thanks him for his help. Red X is about to kill her until Starfire asks him why. Red X then realizes that Starfire lost her memory and decides to take advantage of it by telling her that she is his friend and takes her back to his hideout. Red X tells her that they've been teammates for years but there's been a romantic tension between them. Starfire believes it and Red X takes off his mask to show her his face. Starfire admits he's cute and reminds her of someone. Red X then kisses her and tells her he wanted to do that for years. Starfire then gives in and kisses him back, leading to them making out. They then have sex on Jason's bed. After sex, Starfire admits that he is nice and can see why she has been in love with him. Meanwhile, in Titans East HQ, Red Arrow, Bumblebee, Tempest, and Mas y Menos return from a mission and find the Tower trashed. They find Tramm on the floor unconscious. Red Arrow wakes him up and asks him where his daughter, Lian is. Tramm doesn't remember but Bumblebee finds Lian's body in Roy's closet. Roy is furious and upset and blames Tramm and the Titans for not being able to protect her. Tempest and Bumblebee try to calm him down but he attacks them, leading to Mas y Menos having to restrain him. He escapes and tosses his communicator on the floor. He quits the team and vows to find his daughter's murderer and changes his name to Arsenal. He then sets off into the city. Red X meanwhile, continues to spend time with Starfire. He asks Starfire to be his girlfriend, but Starfire refuses, saying that she just wants to be friends with him until she is able to regain some of her memories and wants to get to know him more until they enter a committed relationship. Red X understands and offers to take her out for dinner. Meanwhile, Arsenal goes to a back alley and attacks some thugs to get some info on his daughter's killer. The thugs are part of a gang and the rest of the gang knock Arsenal unconscious and take him to their hideout. Arsenal wakes up tied to a chair as the gang gets ready to kill him. Meanwhile, Jason and Starfire eat at a restaurant until Jason gets a call on his radio, telling him of Arsenal's capture. Jason tells Starfire that they need to go rescue him. Starfire wants to come along and the 2 suit up. They come up with a plan to save Roy. Jason enters the base, disguised as a fellow gang member until he takes off his disguise and saves Roy. Starfire comes in and defeats the gang members, giving them time to escape. They take Roy back to Red X's base. Arsenal thanks them for the save but asks him why he did it. Red X tells him that they, fellow reject sidekicks, need to stick together. They ask him what happened. Apparently, Cheshire escaped from the final Brotherhood of Evil battle as the Titans froze every member except for her. Roy later ran into her as Speedy while on patrol. The 2 fought with Cheshire and Roy flirting with each other throughout the battle. Cheshire pins him against the wall and removes her mask and kisses him on the lips before leaving. After that, the 2 began to date. After Roy became Red Arrow, they eloped and ended up having a daughter named Lian. But Cheshire's duties as an assassin made their marriage complicated. She admits that they may have rushed into marriage and left him with Lian. She admitted that she did love him but they couldn't be together and left. Roy introduced Lian to the Titans East and they would help him raise her until the day they found Lian murdered. Red X apologizes for his loss but Arsenal refuses his apology and goes to the rooftop for some air. Later, Arsenal sits in the guest room as Starfire comes in. She doesn't remember him but does know that they've met before. Arsenal tells her that they used to be Titans and that they're friends. Starfire believes him and comforts him over Lian. This leads to them kissing. They then end up having sex with Starfire admitting that her memories of her are beginning to return. She then admits that she loves him and Arsenal says the same. Red X watches them through the window and is furious that Starfire likes Arsenal now. The next day, Red X reveals to Starfire that he knew that she slept with Arsenal. Starfire apologizes but Red X refuses it and tells her that he loves her. Starfire tells him that she likes him too but not in that way and tells her that Roy makes her feel different and loves him for him being more connected to her past. She then tells him that she accepted Roy's offer to be his girlfriend and they are now a couple but admits that she still likes Jason as a friend. Later, Red X tells Roy that he called in all of the chips he had and has a lead on who Lian's murderer might be. Arsenal thanks Red X and is ready to go. Red X congratulates him and Starfire but know that if she regained her memories, she'll go back to Nightwing and agree not to tell her about him. The 3 then set off to Bludhaven where they head to a warehouse and meet up with Kyd Wykkyd. Red X tells them that Kyd is connected to Lian's death causing Arsenal to attack him. Kyd teleports behind them and takes them out. Starfire manages to use her starbolts to weaken Kyd as Red X and Arsenal take him out. They ask him for answers but he teleports away. Jason, Roy, and Starfire check into a hotel for the night. Roy and Star share a room while Jason is next door. Roy and Star go out on their first date and then head back to the hotel room to have sex. The next morning, Jason wakes them up and tells them they need to move. Jason tells them he's going to investigate a lead in Metropolis while the 2 of them are going to Central City to investigate another lead. Roy and Starfire go to Central City and investigate a shipment of weapons led by Professor Chang. Arsenal and Starfire interrupt the shipment. Arsenal goes after Chang while Starfire goes to stop the shipment. One of Chang's henchmen shoots the weapons causing them to explode and Starfire getting caught in the explosion. Arsenal's concern for his girlfriend leads to him letting Chang go but not before putting a tracking device on him. He digs Starfire out of the rubble and wakes her up. Starfire tells him that she know remembers someone named Richard. Arsenal knows who she's talking about and tells her they need to move. Red X calls them and tells them that his lead was a dead end and is coming to meet them in Central City. Starfire tells Roy that she remembers that Richard is her soulmate and that they were on a team and vows to find him. Roy is worried that if she finds him, she'll run back to him. Starfire reassures him that she loves him and will stay with him until she finds Richard so she can decide who she wants to be with. Red X meets up with them. Starfire tells him that she remembers that her former lover, Richard wore the Red X suit which tells Red X that she is starting to remember Dick. Red X tells them to go after Chang to change the subject. They track Chang to his warehouse and take out his henchmen. Arsenal ditches his teammates to go after Chang and corners him and demands answers on Lian's death. Chang tells him that Slade killed his daughter. Arsenal tells him that Slade is dead but Chang tells him that Slade is still alive but in hiding. Arsenal asks him where Slade is. Chang tells him where Slade's secret HQ is. The next day, Red X, Starfire, and Arsenal go to Slade's secret HQ in Coast City. Starfire remembers that Slade is connected to Richard and wants answers. The trio burst in and take on Slade's henchmen. Slade comes out and reassures them he's not a Slade-bot. The 3 take him on but he easily defeats Red X. Arsenal corners him and asks him why he killed Lian. Slade tells him that he saw that Roy had evil potential and decided to kill Lian to push him over the edge so he can embrace his destiny as a villian. Arsenal attacks him but Slade defeats him. Starfire attacks him and demands answers about Richard. Slade tells her that she is a member of the Teen Titans in Jump City and was in a committed relationship with the leader, Nightwing until his latest plot seperated her from him. Starfire attacks him but he easily defeats her. Arsenal sneaks up behind him and shoots Slade in the head with an arrow, killing him. Starfire's memory returns and she breaks up with Arsenal and decides to return to Jump City to reunite with Nightwing. Arsenal refuses to let her go but Starfire kisses him and tells him that she'll never forget the time they spent together. She then flies off. Red X tells him that since Slade's gone, he can continue on with his life. Arsenal tells him he'll return to the Titans East as Red Arrow. He then asks Red X where he's going. Red X tells him that he's returning to Gotham City to try to reconcile with his former mentor, Batman. He then sets off. Red Arrow returns to the Titans East and apologizes to them. The team accept his apology and welcome him back to the team. Starfire returns to Jump City and reunites with the Titans. She flies into Nightwing's arms and tells him she missed him. The 2 kiss as Nightwing admitted he thought she was dead. The 2 admit they love each other and get back together.


  • Jason's "death" is similar to his death in the comics.
  • Roy and Starfire's relationship is similiar to their current relationship in the comics.