Red Robin
Red Robin0
Vital statistics
Real Name Drake Johnson
Aliases Red Robin
Gender Male
Species Human
Age {{{Age}}}
Status Alive
Alignment Good
Likes Talia Al Ghul
Action/Horror/Slasher Movies
Spending Time With His Friends/Teammates
Working Out
Dislikes Red X
Villains In General
Being Taken For A Fool
Failing Missions
Losing Battles
Any Guy Flirting With Talia
His Friends In Danger
Place of Origin Metropus
Residence Titans Tower
Relatives James Johnson (Father Deceased)
Victoria Johnson (Mother Deceased)
Xander Johnson (Ancestor Deceased)
Ra's Al Ghul (Adopted Father) Talia Al Ghul (Adopted Sister)
Allies Huntress (Girlfriend)
Kid Flash
Red Arrow
Green Lantern
Beast Boy
Miss Martian
Enemies Red X
Villains In General
Affiliations Teen Titans
Formerly League Of Shadows
Powers & Abilities
Powers Enhanced Intellect
Enhanced Reflexes
Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Stamina
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Senses
Enhanced Hearing
Enhanced Sense Of Smell
Enhanced Vision
Regenerative Healing Factor
Enhanced Immunity
Retarded Aging
Master Detective
Master Hand-To-Hand Combatant
Master Acrobat
Master Martial Artist
Master Of Stealth And Disguise
Master Tactician And Strategist
Skilled Leader
Weaknesses {{{weaknesses}}}
Equipment Birdarangs
Electrified Kali Sticks
Smoke Bombs
Grappling Cables
Electric Birdarangs
Explosive Birdarangs
Kryptonite Birdarangs
Sword (Combo Of Two Birdarangs)
Voiced By Crawford Wilson
First Appearance The Titans
 Red Robin Is A Former Member Of The League Of Shadows And Leader And One Of The Ten Founding Members Of The Teen Titans. Before That, He Was Trained By, The League Of Shadows. He Is Also Helena's Main Love Interest And Later Becomes Her Boyfriend With Her Father Bruce Wayne's Approval


Drake's Was Just An Infant When His Parents Were Killed By Red X Drake Was Found And Raised by Ra's and the League of Assassins, Drake Became A Talented Martial Artist By The Time He Was A Pre-Teen.


Red Robin Is A Natural-Born Leader. Red Robin Is Cold, Brutal, Violent, Ruthless Aggressive, Short Tempered, Confrontational, Clever, Serious, Stern, Strict Responsible, Disciplined, Intelligent, Confident, Always Thinking Everything Through And An Individual Who Always Look Out For Others. He Is Always Willing To Give Those He Punishes A Second Chance,

Out Of All The Villains the Team Has Faced, The One That Is Most Hated Is Red X. Red Robin Will Stop At Nothing To Kill Red X. Red Robin Insists That The Two Are Nothing Alike, Despite Red X's Claims To The Contrary. Several Encounters With Him Have Lead Dangerously Close To Causing Rifts Between Red Robin And His Friends. Red Robin Must Put Aside His Fixation On Red X And Put More Trust In His Teammates If He Wishes To Resolve The Threat. Another Flaw Red Robin Has Is He Is Competitive And Still A Bit Immature But, Despite His Struggles, Red Robin Has Time And Again Proven To Be A Great Leader. He Cares For All Of His Friends Deeply, And Will Fight To The Finish To Defend Them. Despite His Unwillingness To Kill Innocent People, Drake Is Perfectly Willing to Kill People Who He Thinks Deserve Death,

Red Robin Is A Bit Of A Loner. Beast Boy And Kid Flash Hang Around With Each Other More Than Him And Red Robin Tends To Be Very Independent. He Insists On Doing Everything Himself Such As Battling Red X.  Red Robin Made It Clear That He Doesn't Want To Be Part Of A Team But Eventually Does Form The Titans. The Team And Everybody In It Is Very Important To Red Robin.

He Cares Deeply About Each Of His Friends But For Helena It Is Shown That Red Robin Has Romantic Feelings For Her. Everyone On The Team Can Very Well See Their Feelings For Each Other Including The Villains But Neither Of Them Admitted Their Feelings Until The Season 1 Finale Where They Finally Confess Their True Feelings For Each Other And Have Their First Kiss.

Powers And Abilities


  • Unique Physiology: Due To Lazarus Pit, Drake Johnson's Physiology Was Changed Permanently. First, The Procedure Crippled His Mind And Body. Then, The Experiment Rebuilt His Physical And Mental Faculties Further Than A Human Could Process Or Build. These Enhancements Make Red Robin An Enhanced Human, Not Superhuman And afford Him The Enhancements.
  • Enhanced Intellect: Able To Think 9 Times Faster And Utilize That Much More Of His Mind Than Your Average Human For Information Processing And Sorting, Red Robin's Mind Is Virtually A Computer Built For Strategy And Problem-Solving, One That Works At Optimal Ability Even When Under Stress And Fatigue As He Apparently Uses 90% Of His Brain (As Opposed To The Myth That The Average Human Only Uses Around 10% Of Their Brain). He Is Also Ingenious In devising Solutions Against Superior Aspects Of Opponents, Can Observe And Exploit, And Can Calculate Distance, Speed, And Time At Lightning Speeds; His Sense Of Timing Is Superb, Bordering On Perfection.
  • Enhanced Reflexes: Red Robin Possesses Enhanced Reflexes. The Speed At Which He Reacts Allows Him To Dodge Fast-Moving Orojectiles Such As Arrows And Bullets. He Can Usually Out-React Even The Fastest Humans, No Matter How Well-Trained.
  • Enhanced Speed: Ability To Run At Speeds Of Up To 30mph And Long Distances Far Out-Performing Any Olympic Athlete.
  • Enhanced Stamina: Red Robin Can Exert Himself At Peak Capacity Greater Then Any Human Could.
  • Enhanced Strength: His Entire Muscular System Was Gardened And Fortified Making Red Robin Many Times Stronger Than An Average Human To The Point Of Tearing Off An Airplane Foor And Twisting Steel With His Bare Hands. He Can Place The This Capability Into His Strikes, Allowing Him the Augment The Concussive Force Of His Attacks. His Strength Should Be Sufficient Enough To Press About A Ton With Relative Ease.
  • Enhanced Senses: Red Robin's Senses Have Been Augmented To Heightened Levels Of Function. He Can Perceive Things Better Than A Normal Human. This Includes, But Us Not Limited To:
  • Enhanced Hearing
  • Enhanced Sense Of Smell
  • Enhanced Vision
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: With An Accelerated Ability To Heal Damaged Tissue, The Rate At Which Red Robin's Body Recovers From Injury And Capable Of Being Repaired Before Death. As such, Red Robin's Body Can Take A Tremendous Amount Of Punishment Before Succumbing To Death. Simple Gunshot And Stab Wounds, Cuts, And Broken Bones Can heal Faster Than Normal. He Has Once Impaled Clean Through His Chest, And It Did Nothing But Slow Him Down And Cause Great Pain. Drake's Healing Powers Are Developed To The Point Where He Can Fully Regenerate Missing Limbs,
  • Enhanced Immunity: Red Robin's Regenerative Abilities Have Some Affect On His Body's Ability To Process Through Harmful, Foreign Substances And He Has Become Naturally Immune To Deadly Poisons And Illnesses.
  • Immortality: Never Seeming To Age, Drake Has Never Appeared Any Older Both Physically And Mentally After The Lazarus Pit Enhancement. He's Stated That The Borld Grows Older Around Him.
  • Super-Breath: Red Robin Is Able To Create Hurricane Force Winds By Exhaling Air From His Lungs. They Can Chill The Air As It Leaves Their Lungs To Freeze Targets In A Variation Sometimes Called "Freeze" Or "Arctic Breath". They Can Also Reverse The Process And Pull Large Volumes Of Air Or Vapor Into Their Lungs.
  • Intangibility: The Ability To Decrease Their Molecular Density To Become Incorporeal And Thus Able To Pass Through Solid Objects, As Well As Increase It To Become Tougher And Stronger.
  • Invisibility: The Ability To Bend Light Waves Around Their Bodies, Rendering Them Invisible To Most Forms Of Human Detection. He Can Also Alter Their Body's Temperature, Allowing Them To Become Invisible To Most Forms Of Electronic Detection.


Indomitable Will::Red Robin's Unstoppable Determination and Strength Of Will Make Him An Extremely Formidable Opponent. This Makes Him Able To Function While Tolerating Massive Amounts Of Physical Pain, And Also Allows Him To Resist Telepathy Or Mind Control. His Willpower Is Strong Enough To Operate A Green Lantern Ring When Necessary.

  • Tactical Analysis: Red Robin Is A Great Strategist And Tactician. Always Calculating His Opponents Moves Before Hand; He Even Single Handedly Defeated The ILA Roster That Lacked The "Big Three". He Has Been Compared To Batman In Terms Of Tactical Methods. Even Against Metahumans He Has Proven More Than A Match For Them All At Once With Time To Prepare. Roy Harper Once Claimed The Red Robin Was, "The Worlds Greatest Tactician." Using His Superior Problem-Solving Skills, Red Robin Can Work Out A Battle Ahead Of Time For Many Possibilities And Predict Enemy Movements And Tactics After The Battle Has Engaged By Recalling And Utilizing Memorized Mannerisms Acquired Through Past Experience On A Moment's Notice.
  • Master Acrobat: Thanks To His Great Strength And Phenomenal Equilibrium, Johnson Is An Excellent Athlete, Excelling In All Gymnastic Fields And Being Able To Perform Every Acrobatic Stunt Ever Performed, Including Others That Can Never Be Performed By Even An Olympic Acrobat.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): Trained By The League Of Assassins, Talia al Ghul And Batman; Damian May Not Be Physically Tough But He Knows How To Control His Weight And Has Stated That He Knows, "One Thousand Ways To Kill A Man." Damian's Training Has Made Him A Formidable Hand-To-Hand Combatant Able To Defeat Or Hold His Own Against Multiple Opponents, Armed Opponents Or Skilled Hand-To-Hand Combatants.
  • Martial Arts: Trained By The League Of Shadows, Drake Has Stated He Knows Just As Many Martial Arts As Batman And Can Use Them More Effectively. This May Be A Largely Overstated Comment But One Shouldn't Ask For Verification.
  • Boxing
  • Jujitsu
  • Karate
  • Ninjitsu
  • Swordsmanship: Red Robin Is A Highly Trained Swordsman; He Is Able To Dual-Wield A Pair Of Katanas And To Use Them With Deadly Accuracy And An Almost-Superhuman Speed.
  • Detective Skills: He Is Capable Of Observation, Forensic Investigation, As Well As Inductive And Deductive Reasoning Of The Highest Caliber. Human Intuition, However, Is Not A Trait One Can Learn And It Is One Of Batman's Most Effective Tools. Given The Mystery, He Can Arrive At Any Conclusions With A Fraction Of The Data. Drake Was Able To Reveal, In Less Than An Instant, That It Looks Like Superman Is Based On His Reaction To The Crowd.
  • Driving: Drake Is Proficient At Driving Many Vehicles Like Cars, Motor Bikes, Trucks And He Is Also Skillful At Driving Jets, Helicopters And Auto Boats And Small Ships.
  • Mimicry: Drake Can Imitate Anyone's Voice And Speech Patterns Perfectly As He Imitated Lex Luthor's Voice In Order To Gain Access To A Vault Containing Kryptonite That Only Lex Was Allowed Into.
  • Body Reading Ability: Drake Has The Advanced Ability To Read Body Language Enabling Him To Read What A Person Is Thinking And Tell What They Are Going To Do Next Before They Do It. He Has Been Shown Able To Read Opponents Far Faster Than Herself, Along With Non Humans And Even Alien Lifeforms Once He Is Given A Chance To Learn Their Body Language. This Enables Him To Identify Disguised And Transformed People As Well.
  • Stealth: His Training Has Made Him A Master At Stealth Capable Of Disappearing Into The Shadows And Sneaking Up On Pnsuspecting Prey.

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