Red Lantern
Vital statistics
Real Name Razer
Aliases Red Lantern

Angry Lantern (by Beast Boy)

Gender Male
Species Volkregian
Status Alive
Alignment Good
Likes Cute Girls
Dislikes His past
Place of Origin Volkreg
Residence Jump City
Relatives Allana (Deceased Wife)
Allies Robin

Starfire Beast Boy Raven Cyborg Miss Martian

Enemies Brown Destroyer

Red Lantern Corps Parallax

Affiliations Teen Titans

Red Lantern Corps (Formely)

Powers & Abilities
Powers Create objects with power ring


Weaknesses Blue Light of Hope
Equipment Red Power Ring
First Appearance Teen Titans season 6 episode 1 Attack of Atrocitus
Red Lantern is a superhero also member of the Teen Titans.


In the past, Razer lived on Volkreg in the Forgotten Zone with his loving wife Ilana. Unfortunately, their world was conquered by ruthless warlords who plagued the land with death and destruction. Razer grew tired of hiding and decided to join the Militia to fight them, much to his wife's dissidence. However it was all in vain, when Razer returned home to find his wife lying dead. He was enraged by her untimely demise and vowed to avenge her. Afterwards a red ring appeared before Razer informing him that he had great anger in his heart and offered membership to the Red Lantern Corps. Razer accepted the offer and was inducted into the Red Lantern Corps.


During a lot of time Razer followed the orders of Atrocitus. One day he was captured by the Green Lantern Corps, whose tell him the truth about the Red Lanterns and what really happened to his wife that day, so Razer decide to use his powers to kill Atrocitus because he was the murder of Razer's wife.

Teen Titans

After discovering his tration, Razer traveled to earth to hide from the other Red Lanterns. After he arrived on the Earth, he was confronted by the Teen Titans, he told them about him so the titans offered him help him. When Atrocitus and other five Red Lanters arrived, they started attacking Jump City but they were defeated by the Teen Titans (Included Razer), After defeating the Red Lanters, Razer joined to the Teen Titans as a member taking the alias of Red Lantern.


  • This character was introduced in Green Lantern: The Animated Series
  • He was the friend of The Brown Destroyer
  • His species have a food storage system that allows them to store food in their bodies for months
  • It is hinted he has a crush on Argent
  • Beast Boy calls him Angry Lantern as a running gag.

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