"Awe, c'mon~. Still sore about that,Dick?"
— Red Hood to Nightwing

Red Hood
Red Hood TT2
Vital statistics
Real Name Unknown
Aliases Red-X (formerly)

Red Hood (Current)

Gender Male
Species Human
Status Alive
Alignment Himself
Likes Money, Xenothium, Himself, winning, starfire.
Dislikes Losing, being caught, Nightwing.
Place of Origin Jump City
Residence Jump City
Relatives Unknown
Allies Starfire (formerly), Speedy (Arsenal/Formerly)
Enemies Nightwing, JCPD
Affiliations The Outlaws
Powers & Abilities
Powers Proficiency in Martial Arts, Acrobatics.
Weaknesses Hes only human
Equipment Xenothium Powered Belt, Xenothium Guns
First Appearance N/A

Red Hood is Red-X 20 years in the future.


He is very cocky and lain back. He seems to enjoy tourmenting Nightwing, and stealing things. He is a theif and a mercinary.


He wears the belt and upper half of his old suit, but also wears blue jeans, black boots, and his trademark red "hood". he occationally wears a brown leather jacket.


  • Xenothium Guns
  • Xenothium Power Belt
  • Xenothium Explosives


  • Even though red-x became red hodd, it doesn't mean he is jason todd.


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