A possible future of the Project verse

What happened?

Though currently unknown how, Utopia was able to destroy the Justice League and Teen Titans. 

Fifteen years later

Lance, now at the age of 31 he is a survivor and the leader of the Rebellion. At the age of 17 Lance and Shawna made a step in there relationship. The result put Shawna in a coma and almost killed the baby. 

Jaime, The scarab is the Rebellion's last hope against the Utopian counsel. Jaime has become an experienced fighter. After the death of his Best Friend, Alice, by the hands of former team mate Jake, Jaime has devoted his life to the possibility of time travel to go back and save her life.

Shawna, The immature and lustful actions of two powerhouse teenagers put both Shawna and her child at risk. Stuck in a coma, her child has been granted her power ring. Shawna is on the verge of Death.

Kara, named after Supergirl due to her heroic death saving Lance and Shawna from Sen's wrath, Kara is the spitting image of her mother. She has her mothers care free and flirtatious attitude along with her fathers morals and quick moving mind.

Sen, for an unknown reason, Sen snapped and attacked Lance and Shawna. The end result was the death of Kara. Driving him mad due to the rejection of Raven and murder of Supergirl he was given freedom from emotion by Utopia and is now a killing machine.

Jake, Jake returned to Utopia and his master Deathstroke aka Slade. No longer afraid of killing. Jake too has been rid of emotion by the Utopian council. Sen and Jake are the top enforcers of the new world after he proved himself worthy by killing Alice aka his former teammate.....Rocky Road.

--The Rebellion--

Led by Lance, Jaime, and Kara the rebellion is filled with young heroes trying to help protect there freedoms and emotions.

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