Wow Robin I can't believe it you have feelings for me~Raven


Despite ravens personality she is the sexiest one of Teen titans she is seen kissing robin on the sofa or while hugging . She can get an altitude when she fails a test and she is best at hand to hand combat . She also mentioned she straight A"s in "Oh no when the titans got there report cards.

APPEARANCE Raven wears a pink shirt with a red bow and a pink mini skirt with a belt and lavender socks and purple high heeled boots and she has a red gem on her head.

RELATIONSHIPS Robin Robin is ravens main love interest throughout my series they almost kiss in " Damian wayne ". They also have jealousy moments explained by cyborg in "2 pigs one bunny", raven can get jealous anytime she sees robin with another girl . They kissed and finally become a couple in "the fine altitude"

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