Ranxter Xernorq Trinial

Ranxter's true form

Vital statistics
Real Name Ranxter Xernorq Trinial
Aliases Shift

Ezel Trinial

Gender Male
Species Trinial
Status Alive
Alignment Good
Likes Ice Cream
Dislikes Ferge (Besides Fritz)
Place of Origin Fergian
Residence Titan T- Evert
Relatives N/A
Allies Titans
Enemies The Feared
Affiliations Central Titans
Powers & Abilities
Powers Shapeshifting
Weaknesses Unknown
Equipment None
First Appearance Central Titans
Ranxter Xernorq Trinial is a former shapeshifting assistant to Relina Tranx


Ranxter was raised as any other Trinial. At the age of maturity each is sent out to serve their new master. His master was a Ferge named Relina Tranx. Unlike most of her species she enjoyed studying the mystic arts along with technology. After the discovery of this by the Ferge council they tried to remove her from her station, Earth. Angered, Relina attacked her replacements vessel. In the process a portion of the ship was shot down to Earth.


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