Incandescent Night
Incandescent Night
RIFLE Destroyer


Russian Cosmonaut Program


Destroyer-class (Modified)




Nuclear fusion core reactor

Teleporation Grid:

G-34 Exoatmospheric Teleporation-reactor System


Titanium Battle plate


Magnetic-Pulse Cannons
Nuclear Missiles (x2)
Ship-to-Ship Missile Defenses (x80)
50mm Automatic Cannons (x26)

Participated Events:

RIFLE-Insurrection War

Noteworthy Crewmembers:

Captain Vladimir Untervich
Niklas-273 'Headhunter' (Previously)


Russian Cosmonaut Program
Russian Military

The RIFLE Incandescent Night is a RIFLE Destroyer currently in use by Project REFORMATION.


Early Service

The RIFLE Incandescent Night started construction in a top secret USSR Military Facility at 1973, as part as one of the USSR's first exoatmospheric cruisers for warfare-purposes. Originally facing discharge due to the expense of the Destroyer, the original bulk of the Destroyer's armor was removed to keep the expense of protection to a minimum, as well as removing component's such as Ship-to-Ship Offensive or Defensive Systems; along with the prototype thrusters being removed from the original design. Even with the expenses being removed, the Incandescent Night was majorly expensive; and the original flight being a failure due to the required thrusters not present during the original launch.

Years later, the Incandescent Night had finally succeeded in it's first exoatmospheric launch; finally escaping gravity as the Incandescent Night proved to be a fast, and versatile vessel capable of traveling hundreds of miles in a matter of minutes while being able to transport vehicles, troops, and weapons in any given situation. Being heavily censored for the Soviet Government, and material pertaining to the existence of the Destroyer would be met as treason and would be a death penalty; Soviet citizens and even citizens from other countries being executed. Eventually receiving better battle plating, weapons, and thruster-pods; the Incandescent Night was modified to fit ARMOR super-soldiers.

Later Service



  • The Incandescent Night is the first man-made destroyer vessel to ever deployed in space, sizing up equally in length to two battle-ships, (1,846 ft in length).
  • The Incandescent Night isn't the largest vessel in the Russian Fleet, in fact being the fifteenth largest vessel in the fleet despite being the first, (the first being the Iron Fist, [length of 3.7 miles]).
  • The Incandescent Night has seen a large amount of service over the years, nearly being destroyed twice in combat-tense situations.
  • The Incandescent Night is the home of the ARMOR super-soldier: Makarov-083, being one of the superior officers of the vessel as well.

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