Pryce is a young super hero who has the ability to control and create ice at will.

Personality and Apperance

Pryce is cold, quiet, and hostile, much like ice. The only person he has ever been friends with was Dove.(and possibly Starfire and his squad) He can be nice sometimes and smiles more than Raven Roth. He is also a very good leader to his squad, being stubborn and persistent like ice. He also seems to have a rivalry with Robin. He has short, messy, light brown hair and wears a light blue cloak with fur insulation. Under his cloak he wears all white clothing. He has white ski pants, a white jacket(that is not very thick), white mittens, and white snow boots.

Antartica Squad

Polar Squad is a link of three people in the Teen Titans that protect the Antarctic Circle. It is made of three members:

1.Pryce Durow(Leader)

2. Winona

3. Wanda

He's leads the squad well and keeps peace in spats.

Powers and Abilities

Pryce can control and create ice at will; he can also stand temperatures of up to absolute zero. He also has the ability of levitation.

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