Vital statistics
Real Name Victor Gilmore
Aliases Sapientia, Victor the Prudent
Gender Male
Species Human
Status Alive
Alignment Middle Path
Likes The Sky
Dislikes Confined Spaces
Place of Origin Sky City Central
Residence North City
Relatives None
Allies North City Royal Task Force
Enemies Any Evildoers
Affiliations {{{Teams, Countries, or individuals}}}
Powers & Abilities
Powers Telekinesis, Flight, Force field projection
Weaknesses Darkness and Shadow
Equipment Key of Heaven
First Appearance {{{RPG, Fan-series}}}

Prudence is a young smart anti hero who resides in North City. He is incredibly strong and has had run-ins with several Teen titans. While his strength is great not many heroes know of him for his severe neutrality. He is one of the few that walks the middle path that is neither aligned with good or evil just the ones who get in his way.

He also represents the Cardinal Virtue of Wisdom

" To those who walk the Middle Path, our enemies are only those who stand in our Way "
— Prudence


Prudence is a tall and mysterious young man. He wears a large hood that covers his face, the hood fans out into seven diamond shaped strips. He also wears a large robe with similar designs. The bottom however remains uncut and fans out as madly as it wishes. It seems that when Paradise takes flight the seven strips on his hood expand as to form a sort of wing system.


Prudence is normally cool calm and collected. He is smart and never allows his anger or emotions run wild during battle. At first glance he is aloof and almost boring. But in battle he is fast and deadly dusting off even the most powerful opponents in a matter of seconds. Despite his coldness he really does have a heart. He is kind and loving to his friends and loved ones, he is fiercely loyal and will sacrifice himself to someone he values in moments.

He is also obsessed with his home. He sees North City as something to be treasured and protected and anyone who tried to hurt his city will really regret ever thinking of it. He also seeks to reclaim his lost birth place Sky city. He says he lost it long ago and is searching frantically to find it

Powers and Abilities

Prudence is incredibly strong and resilient. While his speed is severely lacking his raw strength is awe inspiring. He can topple small buildings in moments and fight even the most skilled fighters into submission with his bare hands.

Prudence is also a skilled psychic. He is able to levitate large objects (Buildings Rocks, People) With but a simple thought. Even the most heavy objects can be turned into deadly projectiles with his powers. While lacking the ability to read minds he can levitate himself by channeling energy through his head dress. Making flight his only speedy means of travel.

File:Key of Heaven.jpg

Key Of Heaven: Prudence’s only weapon, the Key of Heaven is simply a large black key with an ornate globe attached to the end. Its unknown what the key can fully do but his powers seem to gain a boost when using it.

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