Protection is a fan episode created by User:Theminecraftkid1221


Our story opens with WhiteJeff in the alley eavesdropping on slade's latest plan

  • WhiteJeff: hmmm I wonder what he's babiling about
  • Slade: Hahaha it's perfect now I can finally capture Terra for my evil army
  • WhiteJeff: !!!!!!!!! He's going to capture TERRA !! I've got to warn the other heroes and terra

WhiteJeff then rushes super fast to the titans tower WhiteJeff then enters the tower and tells the titans about slade's plan

  • Robin: He's gonna WHAT
  • WhiteJeff: He's planning to capture terra for his evil army. So here's what I suggest you do: Robin you go tell the Titans East
  • Robin: ok
  • WhiteJeff: Cyborg you go warn Kid Flash
  • Cyborg: alright
  • WhiteJeff: Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy you go spy on Slade
  • Beast Boy: We're on it
  • WhiteJeff: and ILL go warn terra

WhiteJeff then rushes to a nearby alley where Terra is resting

  • Terra: Hmmm there's nothing to do around here
  • WhiteJeff: TERRA QUICK
  • Terra: What what is it????
  • WhiteJeff: slade is planning to capture you for his evil army
  • Terra: OH NO
  • WhiteJeff: COME ON THIS WAY


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