Primal is a villain the Teen Titans faced on two occasions.


Primal was once a scientist named Simon Balynski, who was once of a well known college professor. Balynski eventually came to see technology as evil for its destruction of the environment and people's growing reliance on it to take care of them. He moved to a cabin in the wilderness outside the city and he constructed a techno virus that shuts down all technology infected by it. He released it on the city and ended up temporarily shutting down Teen Titan member Cyborg. The remaining Titans went into the woods to hunt down Balynski, now calling himself Primal, and despite the many traps he set in the wilderness he was captured and was forced to release the antidote. His second appearance was with the creation of a second virus while he was imprisoned. This virus caused vegetation to grow so rapidly it destroyed the prison, allowing him and several minor villains to escape. The vegetation soon overgrew the entire city turning it into a jungle. The Titans called in their allies from Titans East to help capture the escaped villains and destroy the vegetation. Rather then be captured and returned to prison, Primal drank some of his left over vegetation formula, which caused vegetation to overgrow his body and kill him.

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