Vital statistics
Real Name Untia Madchen
Aliases Poison
Gender Female
Species Foronian Orc
Status Alive
Alignment Bad (thinks she's good)
Likes Meat, battling, Orc Magic
Dislikes Not being able to use her Orc Magic, vegetables
Place of Origin Foronian Swap Lands
Residence Northern Orc Camp
Relatives Unknown
Allies Excaliver, Ninjette, Samurai
Enemies Titans Earth
Affiliations League of Warriors
Powers & Abilities
Powers Super-human strength, sharp eyesight, flexible, Orc Magic
Weaknesses Gets angry too easily
Equipment Orc Magic Powder
First Appearance Titans Earth: Inter-Dimensional Invader

"An endless supply of meat, a battle arena. This is definitely an Orc village "
— Poison

Poison is a Foronian Orc. All orcs reside in camps in the Foronian Swamp Lands. Poison is the leader of the Gefahrlich Clan. Their clan insignia is coincidentally the same symbol to represent something is radioactive. Poison loves battling, meat and practicing her Orc Magic. She has superhuman strength, a sharp eyesight and is quite flexible. This is really handy when it comes to what orcs do best, hunt.

Poison's team members include Excaliver, Samurai and Ninjette. Poison is the scout of the League of Warriors. The first planet they have invaded is Earth but with Titans Earth on the look out they have not been successful. After battle they retreat through a Rift Portal which teleports them back to Foronia.

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