Vital statistics
Real Name Sam Becquerel
Aliases Sammy, The Many
Gender Neutral
Species Half human, half unknown
Status Alive
Alignment Good
Likes Tea, flowers, oceans, loud music
Dislikes Nightterrors, being called "he" or "she", forests
Place of Origin Unknown, refuses to say
Residence Zodiac H.Q.
Relatives Unknown, though they do talk about their mother a lot.
Allies The Zodiac, Teen Titans
Enemies The Dopplegangers
Affiliations The Zodiac, USA
Powers & Abilities
Powers The ability to duplicate, Horrorterrors
Weaknesses They get spooked by their own powers lots of times.
Equipment None
First Appearance X


Sam is rouchly 5'3 tall and weighs 109 lbs. They are rather small and tiny. They usually wear pastel hoodies and jeans, typically trying to stay away from gender specific clothes. Another thing is that they try and wear lots of foundation to try and make themselves look darker than they really are as an attempt to hide their mutation. They're not all that fond of their paleness.


Not much is know about their past, seeing as they dislike speaking about it. One day, they just sort of showed up. They refuse to utter a single word about what life was like before the Zodiac, hinting that it probably wasn't all that pleasant.


Sam is very soft and kind and caring. They put other's happiness before their own and typically don't really worry about trying to make themself happy. They really like quit places and "cute" things, like baby animals, pastel colors, frills, etc. When around people, they act like this, very soft and quiet, but when they're by themselves, they tend to open up more. They enjoy listening to loud music, their favorite genre being metal. They like drawing a lot and mostly doodle with charcol too. They refuse to show anybody these drawings. Another thing worth mentioning is that they get nightterrors very often, and usually wake up crying.



Sam posessed the ability to duplicate themself. The number of copies they're allowed to make at one time is limited, however. These copies are also a bit weaker than the original Sam.


Sam has the power to mess with their targets head. They create a hellish nightmare for their target, consuming the target in their worst fear or nightmare. 


Though these aren't quite considered "powers", it should be noted that despite their small size, they can pack a rather powerful punch. They're also incredibly swift on their feet and are able to predict the future events rather accurately.

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